Spatial reasoning and tactile sensation as keys to magic

ok this is going to a bit difficult to explain… I’m starting to think that perhaps the greatest key to occult tech is spatial reasoning and tactile sensation.

it started a couple of weeks ago when I started to have a weird effect when doing banishing rituals. While I am not seeing the pentacles when doing a banishing ritual, I started to percieve them as having a certain location in physical space, as well as density, sensation as well a few other details. in other words I started to truly percieve them as real. shortly after(a few weeks) I started seeing the sigils in grimoires as 3D(it comes and goes).

I’m starting to wonder if symbols like the tetragrammaton are not meant to be created physically as much as created spatially in 3d in order to unlock there true power.

what do you guys think?

I think you are on to something. After you posted this I thought about it and now after the 13 days to power ritual inverted pentagrams stick out to me more and sometimes have a 3d appearance, the same goes for Lykania’s sigil on my alter. I see flashes of light form Her altar out of the corner of my eye right where Her sigil is.

Maybe the sigils are meant to be structured in order to fully access their power and the power of what they represent.