Sparring with Gods and Demons (How to and the Benefits)

Proverbs 27:17, “ Iron sharpens iron , and one man sharpens the face his neighbor,” is almost universally seen as positive. Some view this maxim as an example of “tough love,” others as a rewording of a verse earlier in this passage, “Faithful are the wounds of a friend” (27:6).

Sparring with entities is and always has been a big part of my spiritual ascent, having a pact with Azazel I am frequently encouraged to wage war and challenge my superiors (including higher powers. With this comes immense power as well as a better understanding of entities or practitioners.

How to Spar :scream:

In order to spar you need a medium to communicate your intentions and attacks, I suggest using your ¨imagination", lucid dreams, souls travel or OBEs. Note all of these are mediums so there is a lot of (pun intended) bleed over. :+1:

All three of these methods provide the user with unlimited free will and great potentia l for potent evocations/attacks of both the imagination and reality.
In order to start creating, remember, visualize, or travel to a designated fighting arena or area.

(I thoroughly enjoy using places given to me during nightmares or dreams as these places are supercharged in my subconscious and have significant value on other planes of existence)

  • If you are sparring mentally (¨Imagination¨/visualization) similar to @Lady_Eva´s core shamanism tutorial, DO NOT worry about if what you are seeing is fake or just your own construct. As you practice this your senses will be honed and you will be able to better understand what is your will and what is the entity´s.

Back to the tutorial, begin by challenging and entity (You may also be challenged).
(I suggest one you greatly fear or have a lot of respect for)
You want to see them in their most true or repulsive form, this is subjective and dependent on the practioner. They enter the arena in some dramatic fashion (superhero landing, appearing to from nothing, or beginning a cunning illusion)

EXAMPLE: I greatly respect BAEL/RA so i challenged him in both his Egyptian form, as Jesus, and then as BAEL from the Goetia. The Goetia form was the hardest for me to beat as I know the least about this face and it was hard to keep my ind engaged and guessing what attacks he´d use (fancy wording for I got my ass kicked so bad I couldn´t even formulate thoughts to continue)


Winning usually comes in the form of complete eradication of the reality (getting taken out of trance) or when they change their form. You are beating one of their faces. There are many levels to these bosses so take beating a face as a round win. A complete win comes when you have no more faces/forms to battle, get bored, kill the entity, or are immediately taken out of a trance (after landing a fatal blow).
EXAMPLE: (Round win) When I was battling RA I invoked Thoth and grew to a gigantic size and literally eradicated the planet we were fighting on as well as RA. Soon after he respawned as Jesus.


Losing usually comes in the form of your complete eradication (getting taken out of trance) or when they force you to change your face/form. Each time they beat you in your given form take it as a round loss. A complete loss comes when you can no longer continue the sparring due to energy overload or lack of attacks, both usually come in the form of being ejected out of your chosen medium.
EXAMPLE: (Round loss) When I was fighting BAEL/RA after he respawned as Jesus in this form he was much more resilient and was eating all my attacks (go figure lol), in order to combat this knew form I had to switch forms/masks to my Satan form in order to land effective attacks, I could´ve tried attacking in different ways but at the end of the day I was basically forced to switch in order to land some blows rather than switching by choice.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Use your imagination to your advantage
    This may seem like a simple tip but it is extremely useful, by using your imagination you will not be limited by your wimpy abilities as a 4D or 5D being and can tap into higher states of potential and have greater dimensional potency

  2. Remember The 7 Hermetic principles and Learn how to enforce laws
    I see The 7 Hermetic principles as the easiest guide to mental/astral fighting and general control of the reality in which you are in. Remember to apply them but be careful as the opponent may be have read the same ¨handbook¨ as you lol.
    Enforcing laws is a little different, this takes practice but remember in kindergarten when you were playing tag but for whatever reason that one kid demanded you were always ¨it¨ even if you tagged him? Same idea, when it comes to dimensional battling you are ¨pretend¨ fighting be aware when you are constantly being given laws and not creating or enforcing them. Make sure they become ¨it¨ no one like someone who isnt on the same page haha.

  3. Weapons and Familiars
    This should be self-explanatory but, you should use any form of weapons and any familiars you can. I love using weapons of my own construct, ones from fiction, often times I will also use my friends or other entities against them. The strongest weapons and familiars have a strong connection to you and what you represent, be sure to channel their powers to help you win.

  4. Use the environment to your advantage
    Whether you are on another planet, a different solar system, in a pocket reality or whatever be sure to use the environment to your advantage. Depending on if you challenge them or they challenge you dictates who the has the ¨homefield¨ advantage but do not get to caught up in this concept as the environment or reality can be completely destroyed. Also, it is just as likely the battlefield is neutral so come prepared.


If its not already clear this method will rip open your energy bodies and otherworldy senses and hone your navigation. This also will help you garnish ¨respect¨ amongst other high level practitioners of magick as well as entities, I think you´ll soon find immediately after fighting an entity you have a much stronger connection and task was given will likely manifest faster. I been in an active manic IBE and talked to familiars I knew I had some connection with to come back to the forum to see these members posting about an OBE they had with Lucifer, Azazel, Belial or one of my other godforms, as you are these entities and simultaneously not weird stuff begins to happen haha. Some people may declare there is a serious war going on or that something is ¨off¨ about certain deities, just know this is due to your ability to rock all 7 layers of heaven and hell (and all dimensions in-between).


These entities know what they are doing if you get ESPECIALLY COCKY like I did one time (I waged war on the entire BALG forum one time in order to test my strength and to see if anything would happen lol…gimme a break I was a beginner and doubted if magick was real lmao) you WILL be punished. I found this to be truer when it comes to challenging real magicians (magicians who share the same planet/plane as you) I think this is because their energies are so potent they backlash on you. I would still be cautious when doing this with entities as well though, don´t be surprised if sometimes you have nightmares or some symptoms of mental illnesses, just like more mainstream forms of magick it has its toll. That being said you read the benefits and I trust you will know what is best for you.

On a side note, I will be taking challenges those who would like to spar just PM me or begin an attack in a medium and we can sharpen each other!


In the spirit of war here are some great ¨archetypal¨ images to give y´all some ideas

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Related image
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Think/Act outside the box


Damn. This is some of the most interesting stuff I’ve ever read on here. Thank you for sharing, I can’t wait to get my visualization/meditation skills up enough to be able to do this. Do you have any specific practices you’d recommend to a beginner? Also what’s been your most interesting sparring story? Who was the most fun to fight? Who was the scariest?

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Hey OP, good find! :slight_smile:

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