SpaceTravelr’s Journal - opening up to the spiritual world

Hi guys,

I’ve decided to keep a detailed log about my experiences and training. I do this because I want to share my journey and people can chime in and help me when I get stuck. It’s convenient that I have a log on everything I did in magick / meditations

This is a way for me to stay committed and disciplined. My primary goal at this moment is to become attuned with the spiritual world.

I do chakra meditations to open up my crown chakra and third eye chakra. These meditations are developed to stimulate and activate the pineal gland and hypothalamus. These glands have to be decalcified and they have to be restored to run at full capacity.

I’ve been doing them now for months with 10 days break in between sessions but I want to speed things up.

I will do the third eye meditation 3 days back to back and I alternate with crown chakra meditation 3 days back to back. I allow 24 hours of rest between sessions.

Before I start my meditation I do the void meditation from AdamThoth to induce a relaxed alpha state. After that I do my chakra meditation.

These meditations contain word chanting, like the word “THOH” for third eye and “MAY” for the crown chakra.

If anyone is interested, this is the book that I use:

The website “Joy of Satan” is a disguised nazi website and they endorse nazi ideologies, and they try to link that up to Satan/Lucifer. They have stolen their meditations and modified them a bit but after researching on the net I found a blog which mentions the true sources of their information.

Namely this book ancient teaching for beginners was used to create their meditations on their Joy of Satan website.

This is copied from the blog:
The kundalini section of her website was written into books and are being sold at the website for a profit, violating the copyright of Llewellyn, Malibu Publishing, Valerie Hunt, and Douglas DeLong. Both Hunt’s and Delong’s writings can be purchased at the Joy of Satan Site, carefully re-written in Maxine’s words, and hidden from internet searches inside PDF’s and books that she sells, despite the fact that she has been previously warned by both the authors, and the publishers, to stop plagiarizing these writings.

This is the blog that exposes the joy of satan website, they use meditations and techniques from other books.

It’s best to learn and practice from the original books, like I do.


Sunday february 17th

01:00 PM

  • The void meditation by AdamThoth
  • Crown chakra meditation

Evocation of Lucifer tonight because I am tired of my roommates having parties at the weekend. They are loud as fuck and irritating. I have to study alot and they don’t listen.

I wish I could have my own place, I am researching and thinking on getting my own place, but it has to be a good location, and I don’t know if I want to stay in my current city.

It also depends on which university I will attend next year etc…

Great, Will look forward to ur journal. ALso do share sometimes with us How You Bring down your Mighty Hammer of Thor upon those innocent bunny chicks.

And if possible when you get any major breakthrough or update in your spiritual endeavor it will be great if you can share how long ( in terms of day and hour ) it took for you to get there . For some reason this aspect is missing and many neophytes are clueless about the amount of effort it takes on average on the journey.

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Yeah that’s why I want to document my experiences, I am a complete newbie myself but I do have the ability to feel energy.

It’s still very dormant, I want 100% clairsentience, claircoyance, and clairaudience.

Regarding dating and “chicks” I don’t do that, because I literally don’t have time for that shit. I am buried under my textbooks and I want my free time to be spend on evocations and meditations.

I want to do introspection and healing my body and soul before I go into the dating market.


Nice… I enjoyed reading your posts. Keep up the good work and good luck in your journey.


Here is an interesting link regarding promiscuous sex, casual sex etc.

You really need to become aware who you merge with. Having sex is a spiritual act, and your soul and spiritual/astral bodies literally merge with eachother.

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Thanks brother, really appreciate you giving me that link. But I am pretty much sure that part of my life is closed. Now what kind of freak will shun one’s most basic need? and for what ? well, Within 4 years I attained a state of No-Thought and Non-re activeness even in the face of most adverse external situation. And there is a kind of permanent bliss flowing through the body/mind unit. So I would say it’s worth the price. I may not even shift to Mantak Chia’s version of Semen retention it seems.

Ancient Teachings for Beginners: Learn About Auras, Chakras, Angels & Astral Projection

But will give this one a try, need to get the fundamentals in place again.

Monday february 18th

The void meditation
Chakra meditation

Tuesday february 19th

The void meditation
Crown chakra meditation

Wednesday February 20th

The void meditation by AdamThoth
Third eye chakra meditation

Kundalini yoga - all chakra poses
Breath of fire

Thursday february 21th

The void meditation by AdamThoth
Third eye chakra meditation

Kundalini yoga - all chakra poses
Breath of fire

Friday february 22th

The void meditation by AdamThoth
Third eye chakra meditation

Kundalini yoga

Saturdag february 23th

The void meditation by AdamThot
Crown chakra meditation

Kundalini yoga - chakra poses to clear energy pathways.

I have found a new third eye meditation which seems to be very strong and one of the most powerful techniques:

It consists of a special matra: AUM and it works quick. So I will practice this meditation as well.

Within a few months I will be able to see spirits when i’m in a very relaxed alpha state. The objective is to see them in normal waking life during the day of course.

I want to see and hear all demonic gods and my spirit guides and my succubi companions.

I don’t care if some stuff might be scary, I won’t back down, I will continue on this path. It’s really a comfort zone expanding thing, one of the biggest that one could achieve in life.

Sunday february 24th

1:00 PM

The void meditation by AdamThoth
Crown chakra meditation

Kundalini yoga

Wednesday february 27th

5:00 PM

I missed two days of meditations because of laziness, other things got in the way, and I was like well I do it tonight but I was too tired.

So today i’m gonna do the void meditation by adamthoth, and crown chakra meditation.

I am mainly studying during the day so I do kundalini yoga in my study breaks. Chakra poses for all 7 chakras to recharge myself.

Friday march 1th

Woops, I missed a day yesterday.

Tonight i’m going to do the void meditation by AdamThoth. And third eye chakra meditation.

Saturday march 2nd

The void meditation by AdamThoth
Third eye chakra meditation

Sunday march 3rd

The void meditation by AdamThoth
Third eye chakra meditation

I sometimes feel a light pressure in my third eye, and lightheaded after I complete my “THOHH” or “MAYYY” chanting meditations…

Maybe I am onto something here! Well, I will keep at it… Normally you’d have to rest 10-14 days between third eye and crown chakra but that is too long.

The trick is to adjust the tone of the vibration. You will feel it in your jaw and cheeks and in your third eye, it’s literally vibrating with the sounds coming from your mouth. It takes alot of practice to get this done.

Damn I missed 10 days,

Well back to practice, I am very busy with studying and i’m under stress, forgot to do my meditations, low motivation etc,

Today I will do my third eye chakra meditation after pre-meditation of AdamToth

I will chant Lucifer’s Enn before and after meditations
And I keep a drawn sigil of him under my pillow when doing the meditations

Kundalini yoga poses for all chakras
Breath of fire

Monday march 18th

I did the void meditation by AdamThoth for like 50 minutes

I wanted to go into sleep paralysis before doing the third eye chakra chanting but I didn’t managed to do it.

What could possibly be wrong with me? I don’t know…