Space Weather & Blood Moon - for talking with demons 27th of July

So, dabbling with chaos magick as I am I noticed something special about the 27th of July…

Not only is it a day that’s according to the Hygromanteia is “good for speaking with demons”, but it will also be a full moon, and total lunar eclipse at that! “the Moon will gradually get darker and then take on a rusty or blood red color” So a Blood Moon. I have really no idea if that has any bearing on… well… anything regarding evocation and whatsuch since I haven’t gotten the chance to try it out before, but I figure that it might provide at least some help along the way. I do know for sure that I will perform a number of rituals that day. I just figure I’d share it.

Oh, and as a space weathery bonus, Mars is in opposition, meaning it will be closer (and more visible) than usual: “The red planet will be at its closest approach to Earth and its face will be fully illuminated by the Sun.”

And the Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower will be close to it’s peak, the 28th, as well.

The perfect night for stargazing and demon calling. Anyway, I just wanted to share that. Do with it whatever you want :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank-you for that very interesting topic, i be looking forward to it.


It happens to be my birthday on July 27th. Anything else you can find out about that date I’m interested in learning about. I will certainly be doing ritual work that day! Thanks for sharing this information!




Hmmm…the warrior is in retreat and the divine feminine is hiding her gaze…Venus is in Virgo…

Not to be crude, but this sounds like a good night for expressing some love. Magickally, of course :wink: .


@Bowling270 no problem. Hope you’ll find it useful.

@MagickMan2018 Mercury goes into retrograde on the 26th, so you might want to hold of any time of signing any kind of contracts until it ends in mid-august, and while a solar eclipse (that is today, actually) marks new beginnings, a lunar eclipse (the 27th) usually marks endings or culmination points. If you want to know more about the astrology aspects of eclipses, I suggest you check this out.

As for working with solomonic (chaos) magic, you’d might want to consider the planetary hours and their effects for that specific day, as Venus is that day’s particular planetary Ruler. And as for the real (local) time of the planetary hours, check out Lunarium or one of the many planetary hour-apps available. Below chart is curtesy of Gordon White, the Angel and Demon names are from the Harleianus 5596 manuscript.

Planetary Hour Angel Demon Planet Use
1 Agathoēl Gouriēl Venus For causing love
2 Idouēl Bizouk Mercury For matchmaking
3 Philoēl Zorzorath Moon Good for selling
4 Kakeenikel Rhariōph Saturn Obstacles of love
5 Ekriroēl Ermag Jupiter For decrees and conversations
6 Kermaniron Krodalos Mars For causing jealousy in love
7 Aniel Tabtalios Sun Good hour, beneficial for love
8 Mereēl Thapnix Venus Good for love
9 Tophatiēl Elisem Mercury For secret messages
10 Symitouēl Amikh Moon Good for everything
11 Kyēl Altidōn Saturn Useless
12 Otraēl Ephorit Jupiter For making agreements
13 Talkidonios Stratiget Mars For matchmaking
14 Rhoudiēl Anthēros Sun For binding couples with spells
15 Thēkeēl Pixitor Venus For binding someone with love spells
16 Glykidōk Aprix Mercury To send dreams of love
17 Psōlmaton Niphōn Moon Good hour, beneficial for love
18 Staphiliēl Atrikh Saturn For sending messages/dreams of hatred
19 Deaukon Limer Jupiter Good for plans
20 Asphrodēl Mylin Mars Do nothing
21 Tetilol Kapnithen Sun Good
22 Gorgeel Takhmnan Venus Good for love
23 Betaniēl Oukisem Mercury Make a start
24 Poliōn Ounipheritousz Moon For restraining love

Also the witching hour (03:00) should fall into the 23rd planetary hour (although that might depend on your locale), so it would be the perfect hour to petition various infernal deities for making a new start, as the “old” comes to an end.

@Woodsman81 yes, it would seem to be a good day for dealing with matters of romance, both good and bad :innocent: Like petitioning Asmodeus, or Lilith, or any other demons of love/lust and so on. I know at least one person who will write a Letter of Intent that night :wink:


Thanks so much for all this excellent information. I’ll be researching it all in depth. In twenty some years now in metaphysical study, astrology is one area I need to be brought up to speed on. I primarily work with Goetia spirits and I’d like to see when each of them are at strongest to evoke either during moon phase or planetary hour. Thanks again I’ll be putting this to use!

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