Sound recording

Would recording evocations, with either a sound recorder or the recorder on my phone pick up sounds that my ear cannot? Or is that a myth and there’s really no difference?


It could pick up something you didn’t, it’s true. But don’t rely on that too much, it can happen but its just a possibility,


Not just classical recording activity I think with still can be useful as @Anassa has pointed out but there are many people who are practicing use of spirits box and EVP sessions when recording comes into mind, in magick.

Afaik, @PrinceX does EVP session with a psb-7, and has a deep understanding of such boxes and sound recording. He may provide much better explanation.


I’ve got an audio just by using my phone’s camera. But its like 4-5 seconds from a 30mins long recording. I’ve post it actually somewhere here in BALG. (just the audio lol)
Plus, it doesn’t mean it will happen all the time.
With a spirit box you can communicate directly with the Spirit, the normal camera/audio recording might or might not provide something which you’ll find out after you’re done.


Thank you so much @ZAMRAN :+1:

I agree with @Anassa, you can pick up audio from spirits but it doesn’t happen all the time. Depends on the tools you’re using, the spirits you’re trying to communicate with, your mental and emotional state, the place and atmosphere … many factors involved.

But in general, for me it’s one of the best ways to communicate directly with spirits. I had and still have full conversations with them, and learned a lot.

Two negative side effects : First, it’s very addictive. Second, you need to spend sometime in the beginning testing different setups, settings, tools etc until you find something that gets you the results you need.

From my experience with that for a very long time, it’s not a myth at all. I can question anything in magick or spirituality, if it’s real or not, but not EVP. And it’s way beyond getting some whispers and unclear hissing or a word or two… it could get way more realistic than that.

Paranormal activity will happen for sure, but when your connection with spirits become strong enough and they trust you… things may start to get crazy like nothing you’ve seen in any movie or read in any story. That won’t happen overnight or within a month or two, but I’m trying to show where things could lead to if you decide to take that path, long term.

Think about it and if you wish to give it a try, I could recommend some tools and settings to make things easier for you. Good luck :slight_smile: