So, I was wondering what everyone’s opinions on a soul is, is it real? is it not? can you take it? can you sell it? what exactly is it? what does it do? is it something that can’t be replaced? can you have more than one? can you grow one?

I personally just consider the soul to be the core spiritual essence of a person as well as the “core” of the person in general

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It’s real and you can sell it.

Imo it can’t be stolen but it can be sold.

To me it’s basically your core as you said. As for replacing or growing one I have no honest clue.

Just a note.

Selling your soul, I thought to be a euphemism for “committing to subservience”.

Similarly, selling your soul, like in the movies, in a way that the devil “gets your soul when you die” most likely means, committing to eternal subservience in the “after life”.

This assumes that you get to keep the notion of “me” … whereas its highly doubtful we continue to maintain individuality when we die.

It doesn’t answer your question, but it is pertinent nonetheless.


To me there is two types of soul but they are connected, the whole soul which represents your divine being and all your incarnations, and the soul fragment which is the piece you have now, thats learning the lesson your whole soul has sent you to learn in this incarnation.

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I like that it’s interesting

I believe that the soul can fragment in several pieces, hence the shamanic soul retrievals.

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Yes this happens when we are attacked with great trauma or emotion that part of soul breaks off, because we can not handle the pain of that soul piece so it detaches itself. It’s said the once they are seperated, certain spirits or power animals, will transport the fragment to a place of healing, most reported cases being the crystal caves, in the shamanic realms.

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Yes. Like you said, it’s the “energy core”, but also consciousness of, all things with sentience.

The “true brain”.

can you take it? can you sell it?


what does it do?

It is the consciousness’ home/center, but aside from that it doesn’t really “do” much.

However, arcana, patterns, and a myriad of other things can be derived by taking souls apart, and investigating their composition.

is it something that can't be replaced?

Pretty much, that’s why I have a museum of them.

can you have more than one? can you grow one?

Yes, but those are very intricate things that I cannot easily explain in this post. Perhaps I’ll make an “Understanding _____” style post for it.

Why would anyone sell their soul?

Do you sell yours?

I sold mine last year, as to why? All the cool kids were doing it.:smiling_imp:

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What do you get from selling your soul?

Clarity, among many other things.:wink:

Sold mine too. Twas rather worth it imo

Only 10 percent of soul is incarnated on planets.

Did you mean 90% of them are sold?

@Primordiarch hello

No only 10 percent comes to earth in the body. The rest (90 percent) remains from where we come from.

No one can buy or sell souls, not possible.

I disagree. It is very possible.

Some people like putting themselves on a leash. Yes, properly negotiated contracts can result in the Ascension of the spirit into more powerful forms, but these “cap out” at about generally the strength of the being’s children.

It is smarter to simply build your own power, instead of getting a “quick fix” of power and then having to answer to a master.

Of course, it’s much less fun when you simply steal them.

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you are not a god,if you need to answer to a master.

said the king,that is without a master.

No pain, sorrow, a feeling of emptiness, i find its really exciting to me, body can still feel pain if accidentally spill boiling hot water, pain tolerance is a bit better, No sadness if love one dies, less chance of self harm, feel like my soul is looked after really well in Hell, Soul feels like its been black like all the Holy light has been extinguished, all Humanity has been burnt out, feeling a lot better, i find its has been a lot better.