Soul travelling to recall past lives

Can soul travel be used to recall and reconnect with past lives, and once identified can you fetch them forward to make them as part of your memories in order to work on the blockages contained within them so you can progress forward on the LHP?

Yes, though that seems to me to be a long way around to something that can be accomplished much easier, since “past lives” are already part of your memory, and can be retrieved through simple meditation.

Soul Travel to the casual plane, the plane of causality, cause and effect and the domain of all memory. There you can see all your memories now, the memories of your past lives and the memories of everyone else too, including their past lives.


I have had past life regression and only a fragment of a past life was regressed. I have was told that I had tremondous amount of them. I actually posted yesterday while discussing past life regression with one of the forum members

So I take the best time to soul travel is to do this when you are in between being asleep and awake or is this astral travelling?

No there isn’t any best time, there is no time for it.

Oh that makes it very flexible. That is good to know. I could work into my meditation after my energy building exercise.

I would say moreso during Lucid Dreaming and/or Pathworking. You could go guided, or if you are practiced in Pathworking, just follow your intention.