Soul Traveling journal

Soul Traveling journeys of the laughing man

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So as for my first entry
Dated January 12th through January 18th 2020.

My first few nights soul traveling successfully after some time lead me to what I believe was a symbol that looks suspiciously like Lucifers Sigil mixed with Papa Legbas Veve, I looked on to this gateway and was confused that it has just appeared to me.
I could write up a replica of it in my mind but I’m not 100% what plane I was on or where the gateway would have taken me


January 19th, 2020
I attempted to go back to the sigil gateway that is a mixture of the 2 through Legba and Lucifer enmeshed with more details.
I walked through this gateway and found myself in a grey blackened room which overseen a city of coal flavor and color I was a bit taken back and I have never seen such a city, but I did noticed as I was trying to make out the details that there was a man who was a mix between Kung Lao and The Grandmaster Yip man, I’m not doing this intentionally but I think my mind is trying to make sense of a territory that doesn’t make any sense, I’m trying to recall things that are familiar to me but I cant inside this gateway.

A most unusual experience, the man in the hat materializes and tries to speak to me but before his words are made out with a sense of familiarity I come back through the gate and reach my body.

I must go back and found out what this ascended masters name is.

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