Soul traveleing into someone is akin to possession

If anyone asks to do this dont allow them to do this i suggest you read the thread “Taboo interaction between sorcerers” for my points on this but i will summarize

  1. Astral travel into someone elses body is just as bad as possession there are serious dangers to this
    A. The aspiring magician could siphon your very magickal essence from you and bring it into his/her etheral double and bring it back to their body
    B. It is completely immoral and wrong and invasive even to the aspiring magician who is ignorant of such an action.
    C. The gods or other mighty forces that you may serve might be persuaded to follow the intruder. Not to mention the intruder is now merged with your very being,thoughts, feelings, experiences etc. Etc
    D. It is completely against my code of ethics and many black magicians who have a code. What does yours say? People who are aspiring magicians who allow or even suggest this form of possesion have no “code” just yet. Would you allow such an invasion
    E. The intruder would now know your true identitiy, your weaknesses in your practice and in yourself and could use the flood of knowledge against you to the full extent of their ability and willingness to do so.
  2. Why the fuck would you let this happen? Or ask to allow it to happen this is a request or action that would personally welcome the most heinous of curses.

What are your thoughts? Check out the thread “taboo interactions between sorcerers” for my full opinions.


Unfortunately have learned that you are right. I’ve learned that people don’t offer their “services” for free for nothing. I suppose some can be just practicing or growing, but i have found they can have ulterior motives . I let someone in being naive and stupid and boy have i been having issues since. That is why i posted after your comment on the other thread asking how did you know? Did this happen, or is it happening to you too?


I’m so sorry. Tht is what is happening to me. I had no idea it could even happen or that it happened to other people. i thought i was the only stupid one that got into that mess and I felt so embarrassed. And it was from what i thought was a nice person and friend. I hope you got it to stop. And i hope you are ok.

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The memory is still there. But the action stopped


It is a big possibility that these two points are intertwined within each other. The aspiring magician may be starting out but does not want to learn everything so it would be considered a shortcut of sorts. Or the latter and worse part they are knowledgable and use this practixe for nefarious purposes. I noticed when i was practicing with the goetia. Most of the sigils bear a resemblance to someone crossing their arms in the sigils. A message of power. Not allowing just anyone the full apex of their being.


Under what circumstances would this be appropriate?

Its NOT. In my opinion.

I would like to say that Its genuinely sad that anything horrible happened to any one of you.

But remember to not allow your bad experience define you or constrain you in any way, remember that we’re black magicians and we’re constantly learning and breaking our limitations.

I would always advice to do divination before considering allowing another magician to influence you in any way. Your intuition knows when something is not good for you, you just have to ask and acknowledge the answer.

Also remember that not everyone is like this. There really is no true gain or benefit to the people that harm others for no reason.

Really it’s petty and a sign of sheer immaturity.
Yet people say millennial are way too angsty and dramatic


I do. I think I’ve posted my views on free services elsewhere.


That’s because you are so awesome!


Pulling a stunt like that would piss of a lot of enties I work with. First lesson I ever got was respect.

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Exactly, I agree completely with this.


I’ve experienced another magickian soul travelling into me, and I’ve soul traveled into two different individuals.

Respect, in all cases, is paramount. If there is respect, there are only benefits to this.


@anon20147451 [quote=“Fire, post:14, topic:20298”]
If there is respect, there are only benefits to this.
I am going to disagree on that point. Respect and Competency. You don’t want a novice messing up your system.

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@anon20147451 with all courtesy intended you asked to soul travel into me the other day. Why not do it with someone in front of you.

Ok. I am going to make a public announcement. To the person on here who is doing this shit to me. You think taking others abilities and hurting me is the easy way to ascend. You think you can get away with doing this shit and hurting me again and again. I have been fighting you for months and you are powerful but its only because of what you are taking and copying from others. If it happens again I WILL make a public announcement and tell everyone what you have been doing to me since we met and those who have been helping me since I asked them for help. This is not ok and it will stop. I am not going to hide in the shadows and basically help you hurt me because I’m too ashamed and embarrassed any more. I do not fear you. You have been putting me through hell and I am fighting back.

I have to say thank you to @Lady_Eva because I have the feeling it was something that YOU did to help me get stronger to not be afraid and make all this happen. This topic coming out and me being strong enough to even POST this did not just happen. i know it was from our conversations and I thank you with all my heart.


Yes he does. Storm is a man I trust!:ok_hand:


Thank you

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I’m getting a slight negative vibe from you. I’m not sure I catch the problem.

I would practice with someone in front of me, but I prefer to keep my practice completely secret, so do not have anyone in real life to practice with.

Furthermore, there is nothing wrong with practicing soul travel with a fellow magickian - it is a way to boost both of the magickians powers and skills, if both parties aren’t complete novices (as Storm pointed out) and respect each other.

As for the negative vibe I’m getting - I would never soul travel into someone without permission. That is disrespectful as fuck, and respect is something I massively ascribe to.

You can’t survive as a black magickian if you don’t respect the entities and fellow magickians that you work with.

Hopefully this dispels any misconceptions you might have made from the question I asked you.


@anon20147451 you are proving my point. And your finally seeing why this is a bad idea. Your the one whom asked about this.

What point?

It is a valid magickal practice, like any other. Wisdom (with whom you do it, for example) makes all the difference in ANY magickal practice.