Soul Travel with Thalos

Hi again. As per a previous post, I have begun working sigil magic.

I have experienced soul travel/astral projection with varying degrees of success in my lifetime. Every time it has happened, it seems to be when I am trying to get some sleep and am in a light sort of ‘nodding-off’ state. Intense vibrations start, sometimes accompanied by ‘little nasties’ and I learnt to just go with it and then imagine rising out of my body. This always works, but the number of times I have had a ‘quality’ projection I can count on one hand. By this I mean, a projection when I find myself in another world and can consciously walk around, touch, taste etc. Most times I just either rise or fall uncontrollably before wither re-entering my body or entering what is clearly some sort of unconscious dream state.

I really want to learn to properly soul travel, so decided to work with Thalos’ sigil. That night, as soon as went to bed I felt vibrations in my head and, sure enough, as soon as I started to nod-off I rose out of my body, and then seemed to rise out of that astral body and had a proper, full-on soul travel experience (this was a new one to me!).

Needless to say, I was totally stoked that this had happened on my first attempt at working with Thalos. However, despite working with his sigil several times since, for the same purpose, no joy. Anyone got any advice?

The same happend to me, even though the only projection I did thanks to him was not that good. After that, I tried with Ant’arratu from BOA: once again, it worked only the first time but the projection was really a good one, even though too short to reach my objective

As I really need to project to do a few things, I was thinking to take another approach. Instead of working with entities who can help me project but do not seem to be willing to do it consistently, I have decided to work with one who can eliminate the obstacles within myself preventing me to project successfully. So, I intend to work very soon, maybe even today, with Fort’ash (BOA).

Hi Noemi. Thanks for your input. Last night I decided to work with Satagraal for this same purpose…and more success! Very powerful! I astrally projected for a long time, and it was solid. A couple of times I did involuntarily return to my physical body, but was immediately able to rise out again. In fact, I only stopped the fun when I decided enough was enough and I wanted to get some sleep!

The great thing that Thalos did seem to teach me (which I have not found mentioned in any books etc.) is the technique that I like to compare to the launch of a moon rocket: To release the rocket from its earthly shackles and get it to the point where the capsule is almost in outer space and on its way to the moon, it fires a main, powerful booster. When this primary booster has taken the capsule up to a certain point, a secondary, smaller booster separates the capsule from the primary booster to take it the rest of the way into outer space and on a trajectory to the moon.

With astral projection, think of the first separation from your physical body (earthly shackles) as the primary booster, then separate again (secondary booster). You will find that your consciousness (capsule) is now fully in the astral plane (outer space)! This technique, to me, seems to make all the difference between a haphazard, weak astral projection and a fully immersive, fully controllable and solid projection. Thanks again to Thalos!