Soul travel questions

Ok I will just list a few that have been on my mind.

Sorry if it’s a lot of questions if you don’t know the answer to 1 or so no hard feelings😂

  • plains of existence: Now I’m sure it’s somewhere and I am pretty sure EA has mentioned them but idk. I personally couldn’t find a list on here if it exists feel free to link it. But I’d like to know how far up I can take my consciousness too.

I know we are here in the physical, then is it the astral after that? Then the mental? And then the list goes on? I’m not sure exactly what all of them are.

Basically I’m wondering what the list is from the physical to the highest plane or at least the highest that we know of.

  • mugwort + weed. Now I’m a medical marijuana smoker and I take it to sleep. But I also hear to take mugwort before bed. That would mean im taking both herbs before bed on the nights I choose to leave my body for lucid dreaming into other plains. Do you think it would have any negating effects or should I be fine.

  • back to the first question would you say it’s also possible to make sigil gateways to each realm. Or is it kind of like the gate keepers, you pass through one, move on to the next and so forth.

  • is it possible to make your OBE so vivid it’s like how you see everyday life in the physical? What I mean is like look around your room, see how vivid and colorful it is vs imagining in blurry blackness? That’s what I’m asking if it’s possible to accomplish this via OBE. I’m sure with lucid dreaming that’s a no brainer.

  • is it possible for mugwort to assist us in dream walking? I assume we could set the intention like normal but supplement with mugwort?

That’s the most important questions I’d like to ask because I don’t want to come off as annoying (to some I could already be but hey) so I asked the more important ones😂

Thanks guys!

It depends what system you follow. If you follow the one described in buddhism or yoga it’s a bit different than that described in the Egyptian book of the dead, which us slightly different than that described in the tibetan book of the dead, which is different than various religions.

I would not say there is a one size fits all “Truth™” here. You have to experience it through your humanity, and your payback energy will affect that.

Pick a system, or invent your own based on your travel experience.

No. They are not realms more like states of consciousness, attained through changing your vibration.

Yes, it’s called bi location.

Yes, mugwort helps lucid dreaming.

I think Mexican dream herb is better though. Ihad lustig dreams on this combined iwith camomile.

The problem here is, at least for me and some others, is it tends to work great once or twice, then not again. Your subconscious adapts to keep you sober. But weed doesn’t affect me either, I seem naturally resistant myself so ymmv.

OBE is generally vivid, for you to be able to even conceptualize the outer body experience you would have to have a vivid experience of it that is beyond your base sensory perception

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Would that even be possible?

Obviously yea

The fact you don’t think it’s possible is why you’re not experiencing it

You can do it. My one and only OBE was on an erect spine meditation and I was taken up to man arcturian silent chamber light years away from my body, it was an odd sensation but I wasn’t in my body nor was a body, I was just consciousness

I wouldn’t say it’s soul travel because on soul travel space sorta bends around you, astral projection feels more like clairvoyance, but full on astral travel is OBE, if you spend enough time there, that reality will become more real than this one, this is a dream you just have to wake up

Yeah I always been doing astral projection. I need to start doing full OBE’s. Then I can start biolocation. That’s how I usually follow EA’s books I read him telling the story and I dissect it into like steps almost. Idk if that makes sense

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Yeah it’s like a pathworking, I’m like that too

I’d say focus on techniques that relax your body or help your body go numb completely this will make you more conscious of your astral body

I know magicians that can move in their astral body and physical body at the same time so you can pretty far with it with practice, it’s like spiritual bodybuilding

It takes practice and working those muscles

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How do you know this?