Soul travel questions in Become a living god book

So I bought become a living god book, and had some questions on how you are supposed to accomplish soul travel. He says to open and activate chakras, does anyone have any tips on how to do that? And then pull the power of eternity down, what does that mean and how do I accomplish it? And any other tips on how to soul travel would be appreciated.

To pull the power of Eternity down:

Envision a point of brilliant light in the very centre of the universe, and see that point grow brighter, and brighter. See it shoot out a beam of concentrated fire directly into your crown of your head, into your Sahasrara. Feel the chakra open like a flower, filled with power. Then pull that power down, through each of the chakas, opening them, until you are a conduit of power between the universe and the earth.

The Become A Living God e-book is really just a copy and paste of snippets from EA’s books. It is designed to give you a taste, but it doesn’t tell you everything you need to know.