Soul travel pulling out from body

Hello, I wanted to ask you guys, if its possible when someone pulls you out of your physical body and you can soul travel. I have read about this possibility and never asked.

Your question doesn’t make sense? Can you please rephrase?

Is it possible, if one person pulls you out from your physical body to attempt soul travel?

It’s not really soul traveling, but when someone pulls you out you can project but the downside is you may lack the skills to see, hear…pretty much experience your surroundings because being pulled out is pretty much one of those shortcuts that doesn’t help you.


How would being pulled out of body work for someone who has their energy body already away from their physical body?

If your energy body is already projected then being pulled out won’t work.


So it is harder for beginners to AP if their energy body is not there?

Nope, beginners just make it hard on themselves when they let what google tells them dictate how they achieve projection. All the guides you find make it sound hard and most people you ask claim it’s difficult when it’s not. Most go in with expectations of how it will appear starting out even if they are unaware of those expectations. Projection is fairly easy, and senses will be blurry mostly starting out, but it progresses and gets better, it’s that simple.


Co soul travel and meeting others on certain plains is possible for those that are very experienced, to pull another who is unable to do or never done it is fraught with issues as there is a reason you can not do it yet.
Astro projecting is something learnt and developed over time,
It grows with your abilities and knowledge of the process, learn and practise as much as you can,
Once you get it it’s easily done and even accidentally in my case,
Just keep trying, relax, set the mood and release your fear (one of the known causes to prevent Astro travel) we may think we have no fear But subconsciously we may have :thinking:

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