Soul travel protection

So the first time I really consciencely soul travelled I was “kicked” after hearing “hey kid”. So this prompted me to ask this year’s later. What measures do you take to protect yourself for soul travel?. Because to assume nothing will hurt you is in my opinion naive.


simple shield and cloak will do against most spirits, but wearing an amulet or talisman on your body while you astral travel is better. Try a Hag Stone or Pentagram.


Does the material/metal the pentagram is made from make any difference?


No it doesnt, what matters is the Intention.


A circle of salt around u, simple enough

A circle of salt won’t do anything to protect you while Soul Travelling. I think you watch too much Supernatural.

@Voodooking Call upon Samassk, the Angel of Protection and Defense from Kingdoms of Flame:

He “protects the body of one that is soaring through the heavens in more subtle bodies. He will also protect the spirit of the one in flight, sending sentinel spirits to accompany the magician should it be needed.”


I shield prior to going up. My full armor is on so if I get a nasty surprise again upon lifting, Im already geared up.
I heavily shield my tether and make it self generating shield as I travel. I create invisibility and silence to further keep from being detected thus bothered. I have done oob for three decades and have learned some rough lessons along the way. Had some ah hah and oh fuck moments.

You CAN be harmed or killed in that state so you need to take necessary precautions.


Oh dear, it worked best for me, and stop insulting me with such nonsence thing, I don’t watch Supernatural or anything, u r the one who watched it and now complicateing things.
I don’t have to summon demons or angels always for things like u do, u r so dependent on them, OMG!!!
There are many witches who never worked with any demons, but they fight against them instead, they are still so powerful.


I will definitely look into this angel

There are herbs that protect in lucid dreaming and astral projection.

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