Soul travel projection

Okay, so im doing the technique that involves looking at the line between the ceiling and the wall and for some reason I can get the static rain but i don’t know how to stand up/project myself out of my body,what am i doing wrong? Please help me :frowning:

Sorry if I am wrong about this but I think you have confused astral projection with the rapture state. To actually ‘leave’ your body you have to astral project and not get into the rapture state.

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Sorry if I am wrong about this but I think you have confused astral projection with the rapture state. To actually ‘leave’ your body you have to astral project and not get into the rapture state.

No, its thE technique that EA said would be successful,for soul travel,

man it takes way more to consciously project your spirit from you body then just being able to get into theta gamma synch. Here’s a technique that may help you.

When laying down to sleep, visualize yourself standing in your circle, at your alter or standing in front of a mirror. Hold the image until you start to drift off to sleep. In the final state of drifting project your conscious mind into your visualized image. This may take you weeks or months to master, but it will work.

Good Luck

 Hello Titan, I hate to disagree with Zecharyah 555 but what he describes above is an entry to Dream-Vision-
 -perhaps deepening into a Lucid-Dream state, or perhaps rather than deepening-becoming more Alert while retaining the state... into closer to a Skrying Vision-  
need to ensure that the conscious mind isn't "talk-say/influencing what is happening but direct contact  (the automation feeling where one can "step-back" and discover a part of mind is like telling a story/talking to yourself... which creates Images... is more "creative viz" vs the Theta  Flow).

Just to complement above, it seems Titan is referring to the concept present in the BALG Ebk (which is a bit more indepth in the Ipssissumus bk, and the focus of next Video Course)…

The part you might be missing is using your Attention-Focus to pull you towards other points of focus (I wouldnt’ focus as much on “getting out” as that is thinking about “being inside” and thus conflict- like thinking about how things Are in a Ritual to Change things)… There are a few details all presented connected in the Ebk that you might not have included (?)
Seeing-Feeling-Contacting the Room through your MindsEye (SEE eyes closed, then open- not to “check yourself” but like memorizing something, to Refresh it)- then SEE to the Side- then Behind (without moving your head)… Shrinking and Growing your Energy (Body-Sense, in relation to your Physical Skin-layer) can help, but as an imaginal-excuse… a story to allow/make ok the

But the trick is its like learning to direct your Attn to an area of skin, say on your back, at first not identified, and then just not accustomed… then it becomes “like the back of your hand”…

its not about the images or thoughts (things you say to your mind), nor Physical tensions nor Physical Relaxation… those can help focus… but its like moving your Finger… if it is a “new” Finger, it might be tricky to activate that particular, it may be unsteady and other Fingers may be involved… and its jerky or just it doesn’t move at first… The Key is- once it moves- the moving of your Finger is done by Moving your Finger (that "neuro-pathway is activated to use modern mythology)…

So there is a developmental process (the Neuro-pathways of SoulTravel) as well as getting your Mind clear of how to do it (and until you do, even a little- you dont’ know… but do just a little, and like Breadcrumbs you can follow back)… eventually you just focus your Mind in that way and Open “those” Eyes…

< Its a different set of Eyes… a different Vision… > Most have the Dream part of Mind re-present what those-Eyes SEE as a Copy… like standing looking out a Window- but you don’t SEE, and you have AnotherPerson standing Next to you Looking out the Window- telling you what you could see, but you aren’t paying attn to what your eyes are seeking out the Window… but they are new-eyes, not the old ones.

There are multiple ways to gain spiritual sight, and acheive out of body experience. Taokua mentioned a few otherones, which work as well. I have to disagree about the Lucid Dreaming/Astral Projection point as the dream state is a definite porthole to the astral realm. What would happen if you practice a roll out method, or a moving your astral hand first then opening your astral eyes, followed by full exit would land you in the real time zone/ etheral plane next to your body. This is an awesome experience and one worth having and perfecting. The intensity is quite overwhelming at some points, I’ve had a couple of these type of projections with five sense awareness. The only thing that kept me from believing I was awake was seeing my body lie on the bed. Well that and jumping headlong into my mirror. But I digress.

The technique I gave in the previous post is the one I am currently working with. I also visualize my angelic body instead of my natural body, that way I am already armed and prepared for flight once I enter the realm. Conscious transfer is an important technique to master, as you can then project yourself into objects around your room.

what do you mean visualizing your angelic body? do you mean you created a body of light(unsure if that’s the correct terminology) with combative applications?

Just wondering, Titan, if you might have gone back to the BALG Ebk and seen the various steps EA included, starting p33..  as well as perhaps ideas from this thread-   
has anything happened more so?  

(a big I find is just one’s mind-story making sense- is it ok, what would it mean if… if I just see things ElseWhere… does that change how I have to see Space-locations… etc, so some resistance is just like Gears-Grinding in a manual transmission, which can, most of the time, result in “the engine” Stalling- at first)

And just to comment to Zecharyah 555’s pt… in his comment below
<<< I have to disagree about the Lucid Dreaming/Astral Projection point as the dream state is a definite porthole to the astral realm. >>>

Indeed, but I have learned that to imply entering in one-prelim, and then using that porthole-access pt to shift...  most often it is thought to wakeup in a dream, or even recall a dreaming/reverie, is to have made that porthole shift.  (or to imply that viz out is to be out, vs giving a footing -and from thence ... well its that last part)..       [as in Mastering Div course, See "in the air" a viewscreen, let alone in a scrying medium.. or just See it directly..  if you can hum a tune while adding up numbers- two trains of thought- different but united by Consciousness..  then can See "there" and Here.   [and even that is just the Mind needing a story to explain how-where one is.]

<<< Conscious transfer is an important technique to master, as you can then project yourself into objects around your room. >>>

Good point- which I think is hinted in the BALG Ebk section, and a big point in such to SEE/to Know… the realizing what one is perceiving ‘Directly’

fights to get free of the descriptions in our thought-words…

Simple, but not Easy… (not as mentioned)- but (ok, one pt of view) there is no Projection-process, isn’t a Slight-of-Mind… trick being to SEE in its terms… not expect to SEE in that Other in ‘normal-persona’ terms (ie even becoming Aware of where one physically is, is not as expected… to SEE directly where you are, still as if you were located inside your skin but activate that Other-'coming-from’
and ReAlize that what you See is part of you (thus the feeling/knowing into the chair, walls, carpet- space of the Air… and the Walls transparently become like Fog -solid and yet you can sense Beyond… and then lift… [“Destination is Key.” - ‘Einstein’, from a Farscape Episode]

There are many methods for exit, Robert Bruce spends a lot of time explaining most of them. The method that worked best for me in the beginning was imagining I was shooting upward as fast as I could, but when the exit happened it was very smooth, but it made the smooth techniques work better after a while of using that one. Different strokes for different folks. Read Robert Bruce’s books or buy his video course and figure out which method works best for you by trying each one and going through all of the steps.


I do have a body of light, but that’s not what I am visualizing. I picture myself as a winged cherub with a sword. That usually works then project my conscious mind into that being.

My guess is he is trying this:
I am facing the same problem…

I’m actually referencing a Michael Ford technique from Adversarial Light. It works. I’m reading Robert Bruce’s Astral Dynamics at the time being I’m learning some things, but nothing truly revolutionary. I think EA will deliver the goods when his course comes out. I’m judging that based upon the quality of his mastering evocation course and his interviews about soul travel. We can finally have some information about what to do and where to go once we are out of body.

I also look fwd to "BALG 3powers: part 3- omnipresence" -should reveal some differences.... 

I sense some may lump the subjects together, but I for one find that “astral-type” & “lucid Dreaming-type” both being distinct from the “soul travel” method EA lays out

(the BALG ebk covers a method that implies alot in a few sentences- one step being “Open each of the chakras up all the way”

In terms of:
“Astral-“projecting” methods (R Bruce’s bk being great for this- espec when it first came out, so many referencing his text concepts since),
"Dreaming-type methodologies”" (if one has read S. LaBerge’s bk, compare “the 2 body” method to the “roll-out” or ‘rope-climb’ etc… and contrast with his “1 body” and “no-body” methods: in “Exploring the Worlds of Lucid Dreaming”

I think it could be valuable to clarify these are different methods- not necessarily leading to the same place.

To comment upon the BALG method (Vergil gives link to above) the pt #3 following #2, mentions the below (while #2 says you can perceive the “other world” the veil loosens… one doesn’t step through it, until one steps through…

“3. It is at this point that, as long as you keep your vision unfocused and your brainwaves in super-conscious Theta state, you’ll be able to stand up out of your body and move across the room.
This needs to be done with an exhalation. As you breathe out, move out.”

in Above “as long as you ___ & ___” (which 2 pts are a new skill- thus first need to be able to Keep your “vision unfocused” and “brainwaves in Super-con Theta state” [ea individual, let alone both simultaneously, might be “easier said than done” yet (as another saying) “what’s worth doing…”]

after writing-posting above I see in my email the BALG newsletter about …

“How Do I Open My 3rd Eye?” Let me ask you something? What is your 3rd Eye? What does it do? Are you sure that yours isn’t already open? Are you sure that you even have a 3rd Eye? …

What if I were to ask you: “How can I use my arms?”

Your follow-up question would likely be: “What do you want to use your arms for?” Because, if you want to use your arms to lift heavy objects, you’ll need to develop them differently than if you want to use them to pull your body up a rocky cliff, and you’ll need an entirely different sort of development if you want to throw smaller objects longer distances.

above from that N/L (espec arms would be developed differently depending on how-to use, not just "activate" - nor can developing for one use give "all other uses"...    (and like "how do I move my finger" -once you can, you just wiggle it by intending or whatever, but in-between there are "intermediate symbol-methods".. and at first, one can't move "one's Arm"... so how do I move an "arm" (that was paralyzed for ex, or just awoken- never realized I had)   -sounds a simple little question, and yet not so obvious perhaps.