Soul travel or physical travel

It’s been said that a sorcerer can physically travel to all planes of existence instead of soul traveling is there any truth to this statement


Sounds limiting. Soul travel allows the sorcerer to survive literally anything, rather than burn to a crisp or drown or suffocate (just for starters)

Citation needed

Teleportation is real.

Look into Franz Bardon’s work, specifically his cosmic letters, as well as dematerialization and rematerialization.

Also jinn magick/javanese magick is well known for this as well.

Could be used to actually take a rather inexpensive trip/vacation to a distant land to get away to do specific magick, get out of trouble in a place your in now, unlocks other keys and abilities concerning agelessness/immortality/shape changing on a physical level

Soul traveling to another place won’t help you to protect your physical body if real danger threatens that body.

Real teleportation can circumvent this.

IMO both are very useful in their possibilities and to limit yourself to only soul traveling, sounds limiting to me.

Obviously soul traveling is much easier to get involved in by the beginner though and can lead to it’s own keys and doors to magick as well ( perhaps learning teleportation from specific spirits?)

So, learn and perfect soul travel, then research to find the spirits that give/teach teleportation(if you’re interested in that), then learn/get said ability from spirit.

Learning from a spirit this way is much different than just summoning it to your temple, and you don’t have to worry about getting into the theta gamma synch and all that, nor distractions/waking the neighbors etc,.

Learning from it on it’s own plane gives it much more power to communicate to you and help you than trying to make the right atmosphere for it in your physical temple( no incense needed, specific colors, candles, etc,.)

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@bfields5 Some of the grimoires I work with have claims like that. All the other spells that I’ve tried work, and work well, so I am inclined to believe them. Their’s a video on EA’s Youtube channel that covers the outline of the process (PM if you want it sent to you)