Soul travel or astral projection or astral travel?

Hi guys!

I would appreciate if someone can help me out to decided if I should practice astral projection first or astral travel or soul travel.

Never done any of those so witch one is faster to learn .
it’s been a year since I first tried to astral projection and I can’t get it. I really Wana see the astral world this month…

I am thinking of taking advantage of the 50% off June and get the soul travel course.

Thanks :blush:


What is the difference between the three? As far as I know, those are three terms for the same thing.

I’ve always liked the term ‘astral projection’ for whatever reason.


There are some differences, this thread might help:


witch which lol at that spell typo

difference between projection and soul travel whatever let’s me roam the earth in my astral spirit body is my interest

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