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Haven’t had luck lately. Last time I did I went to where the Titans live. Anyone know where that is actually? Lol

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Which Titans?

Honestly boo I know 0 about Titans. They looked like walking trees and rocks but yet not. They were extremely beautiful though. And they were huge. I came up to their ankles maybe, if that. The land was lush and green. There was a volcano that was flowing like a waterfall and river but the lava wasn’t hot. I went back and forth on whether to count that as an astral visit or dream but it was astral. I’m sure now.


I personally lately have seen a gateway that looks like a mix between azazels and abandons sigil intertwined with lucifers sigil. However I’m not 100% what I was looking at.
I myself have not seen anything referring to titans.

I’ve been to a realm tied to the Egyptian Pantheon that had Titan like beings, they were creations of void primordial Nun/Naunet, their body looked translucent with Nun’s energy within them, and they had horns, they were beautiful but could not speak english but they seemed to understand it, and weren’t interested in visitors. Although they weren’t hostile about it.

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That’s amazing! How big were they? The ones I saw couldn’t speak English either. I had fallen in some quick sand and was calling out to them but they ignored me. I know they heard me because one looked at me. But they just kept walking by.

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They were giants and their realm the ground was interesting as if it was made out of glass in some parts and ground in other parts.

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Did nun and Naunet allow you to go into their realm?

They’re the same person, and yes I was allowed however not by him/her but by the “Titans”

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It is said by people that they are separate, or different aspects of each other. Matter of gnosis i guess.

Aspects don’t always mean separate from one another. They’re one individual. A void primordial. He/she can be either or neither.

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It is said naunet is nun’s consort

I know what it says, Nun/Naunet are similar to Khaos they’re a singular individual. While Tiamat and Abzu could be said to have once been singular but then that I’m not sure as Nammu was said to splinter from Abzu and Mummu from Tiamat.

Does anyone else use sigils as jump gates?


I use focal points.

Do you mean anchors or something else?

I once visited a land that had cities hovering in the sky with an expansive forest and mountain ranges beneath them.

From what I gathered, humans separated themselves in their cities from the wild below and werewolves or werewolf-like beings were tasked with protecting the wilds. Neither was very well liked or welcome in the others domain.

I believe I went here for some form of quest, as I spoke with large deific floating heads that came across as wolfish and Cerberus like. I don’t remember most of what was said now, though. Just that at the end they mentioned something had yet to be decided.

There was more to the tale, but I don’t feel comfortable sharing some portions out of respect for who was involved in it.

I don’t travel regularly, in fact I can count on one hand how many successful journeys I’ve had, but that place in particular will always feel like home to me…I wish I could go back.

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Focal points are energetic finger prints you leave on people, places, or things you’ve been/touched. They span lifetimes which has allowed me to revisit places in other planes where I’ve been through my experiences.

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