Soul travel journeys

I literally been wanting to make a journal like this for a while. It would be cool as hell to read back on vividly described OBS experiences and journeys I go on.

That. I think would be worth reading too.

I have not made much posts on Balg recently and this just popped to mind. Hope whoever reads these enjoys them.


Sounds super interesting.
I will probably be reading that.

Did some small meditation. I’d say this was technically done in the astral.

First one was I was sitting in the black ether. And saw a ball of fire in front of me. I was taking inhales breathing in the element. Filling it in my body then feeling myself get hot. Then breathing it out. a JOS meditation but yeah. Felt interesting. My crown chakra region hurts now which is odd. Even headache around my head.

Next I saw myself in mid air like above the clouds. I felt the wind pass through me all around and I inhaled that element. I feel heat flashes and a weird chest. But that’s probably cause I’m wearing a jacket now and I invoked fire💀


I am very interested in what will come from your journeys. In my experience opening my crown I had some pressure that could easily mistaken as a headache. This lessened as I opened it further and released the pressure. There is exercises you can do that can help you with this. :slight_smile:

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