Soul Travel Journal

Day 1.

Recently I’ve combined my soul travel techniques which I’ve used over the years with Ea Koetting’s techniques in the mastering soul travel course.

What shocked me was the methods we both used were very similar however both of us had techniques the other doesn’t have.

So when I combined both methods it really boosted my soul travel experience very well.

Entry 1 - Using Flame As A Gateway Into The Elemental Realm Of Fire.

I started off by simply gaining that critical mass in one’s body needed to project, before I projected however I lit a candle.

I held my right hand over it and stated.

“Creature of flame, awaken
In the name of your King Djin
I open the gate of fire and flame
So I may pass into the land of fire
So the Inhabitants of the salamanders
Fire sprites, demons and the phoenix
May greet me, Creature of flame awaken
Become the gate”.

I pushed my will through my hands, funneled it into the actual flame, I sat at my couch.
Gained that critical mass in the self and projected and anchored myself to the flame.

I was immediately sucked in as if, the flame knew it was a gate and decided to aid me in my travel.
I was in a wormhole of fire, spinning and twisting, embers of flame were everywhere.

I was projected out of the gate to a floor of coal, in the ground were cracks, where burst of flame would occur.

In the skies were no suns, no moons, no stars only a bleeding red sky.
I saw creatures of all kinds, screeching fire eagles and pheonix’s roamed the sky.

Fiery Salamanders roamed the cracks of stone, from afar giants of flame and brimstone, the distant landscape was that off volcanoes.

I called out for a guide, none could enter I realised that I had to call on the assistance of a fire entity.

So I called out
“Spirits of the empire of fire hear me, come greet me, may one of the inhabitants of this civilization of flame come and guide me”.

There I met a interesting entity composed only of fire, a humanoid shape without and real features at all.

I then was brought back to my body.


Entry 2 - Travelling The City Of Glass CASUAL PLANE.

There i was in a city of glass, this plane for me was extremely chaotic.
Since it’s the plane of consciousness, however all the structures were shaking, changing colour etc.

I called on The Ascended Master Raj, I asked him to help me focus as I couldn’t properly travel thus realm like I normally could.

He smiled and said.

“My child you haven’t slept, you haven’t rested, this isn’t only the realm of total consciousness.
It also reacts to your consciousness, you’re tired so your thoughts are chaotic so this is the reflection of your mind state”.

Hmm interesting :thinking:.


Idea whilst in the casual plane and observing the akashic records.

For individuals that are aspiring musicians they could access a musicians, consciousness and use their creative mind and bring it back to the self.

Same for aspiring artists, or even students studying for example are you studying sceince why not access the consciousness of a great scientist like Neil degraded Tyson.

Hmmm :thinking:


Do you have a kik?