Soul travel issues

is soul traveling supposed to be dark and in my imigination? every time i visulize a object across the room and project to it, i dont feel anything, same with people and objects, the problem is, i dont feel like im going anywhere, no strange sensations, no nothing


Yeah that’s probably still mental projection. It’s on the right track, but you’re not getting out of body yet.



Any tips for speeding up the process

Yes, energy cultivation. Raise your energy stores as high as you can. In EAs soul travel course, he talks about ‘Divine Fire’, and how he was pushed out of his body the first time while meditating to increase that. He was chanting RAM over and over.

I also had a conversation with @C.Kendall about it and he experienced the same thing. With his permission I could post the meditation he used that pushed him out of his body.

A basic divine fire cultivation technique is to visualise being in the center of the sun and pore breathing that energy into your body, and on the out breath condense it into each chakra/energy center to keep hold of it.
It’s changing my energy balance to be more yang so if you’re already yang watch that and also add pore breathing moon and cosmic energy.

I had to work it more than once, but have now started having short bursts where in TGS I can get out - but have no control on where I go yet. It’s a lot like lucid dreaming so far, and I’m not aware ofmy body or that I’m also sitting anywhere.

I also found the Michael Raduga seminar that someone recommended here useful
Raguga recommends trying on waking before you move your body, as you are still in an between state. I’m combining these all together and getting results. It’s work but its also working :slight_smile:


You have my permission brother :fire: @Mulberry


In my experience with the divine fire, I understood it to be the power source/fuel to travel within all worlds be it astral, mental, casual etc.

I noticed I could travel to distances instantaneously, by building the fire up into my body just before ejecting out.

It feels like the fire at the back of a rocket, only you’re flight goes beyond the speed of light and can be so fast you could compare it to teleportation.

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Raising of Divine Fire via Invocation of Sorath by C Kendall
(This is amazing, try it)
@C.Kendall Definitely one for the book if you get around to it, imo.:slight_smile:


Are you actively trying to see? Some people can’t intuitively start sensing and have to sort of remind themselves to actually sense things when projecting. Just sort of force yourself to open your sight. Notice I didn’t say open your eyes because they’re different.