Soul travel into the loa veve

has a someone has soul travel into a veve i will like to know and to meet loa i am not one to call the loa down but love learn form the loa can someone who know

but has someone soul travel into a veve and talk a loa can it be done?

but can you soul travel into the veve

The veve’s themselves are nothing but decoration if you do not have the knowledge to activate them. It is only a pwen if you know how to make it one - so without being able to do that, there is no way to travel into that channel so to speak.

The veve’s found online are usually just a basic outline of what you might expect. The real veve’s have certain elements in them only known to the Houngan’s and Mambo’s of the different Houses. It varies from Peristyle to Peristyle. So copying one off line would probably not help you much.

You could, in attempting it, open some kind of pwen to something but I would not imagine that would be very safe. At all. If you did manage to find a picture of a real veve and did pick up every tiny nuance that is needed to make it the real thing, and you copied it, and somehow managed to do something with it, what would you do when the Lwa arrived, expecting to find Houngan X with xyz ready and waiting? They are lightening fast. Before you would even have the chance to travel anywhere, they could be there, front and centre. :confused:

They get REALLY unhappy when they arrive and everything is not ready for them. REALLY unhappy indeed.

Veves are not like sigils and there are reasons people interact with these forces in specific methods. That alone should illuminate some things here.

I have looked at the veves and, like a psychic vampire, willed the energy from the veve into myself, then willed the same energy in the space around me and the spirit world, into myself, willing the energy of the veve and the Loa associated with each veve, into myself, like a psychic vampire would leech the energy in the air.
I also would visualize a bright tube from my third eye, into the veve and will the knowledge into soul/spirit. Also other chakras with the same technique. Then I would just open myself up (by my will) let the energy/entities/knowledge come into me.
I would also draw the power/entities from the different power places on this earth into myself by focusing on the veve, then focus, with my third eye, on the locations that a particular veve orginated, and then call all (willing) entities/ power into myself.
This works similar to the soul travel, as “Where your mind goes, the rest of you follows.” (Quote E A Koetting).