Soul travel for practical jokes

has anyone use soul travel to play a practical joke like for example going up to a televangelist and telepathically telling him he should walk into his ministry wearing nothing but it Hawaiian shirt and a skirt I’ve been telling his flock the same thing that if they don’t do it they will face the wrath of the Almighty or using the customer no method from psionic predator and sucking in the energy into your body from electrical outlets batteries and doing a poltergeist effect that’s done well in astral projection but can it be done in Soul travel it’s literally the same thing so I’ve heard.

One time I went into my freinds dream when he was dreaming about being in an office and I set his desk on fire when he had trouble paying attention to me.

I’ve given a few people wedgies while in a shared dream. Can’t find the links to their DJs at the moment, format got changed and they are now unsearchable.

Occult Corpus Cusp?

Guilty as charged. Always been a bit of a clique jumper.