Soul travel/dizzy?

Hi! If someone is soul traveling or practicing, what must I change when I feel kinda,well, dizzy or something like that after session. Not very comfortable in my head anyway. I try to follow instructions of Mr.Kendall and Mr.Koetting and I think I’m going to right direction but?
I’d say it feels a bit when you have just woke up and you are not entirely awake yet. I’m not sure if if “dizzy” is the right word to describe the feeling in the head.


Try coconut oil, start with 5g, and see if it assists.

Also, eating afterwards, and standing with feet flat and bare on the ground outside might help, walking barefoot on grass if possible. Sometimes people find wine or beer helpful to ground and bring the mental activity down a notch as well, though there are obvious dangers in relying on that too much.