Soul travel course chakra opening ea koetting

I’ve been doing the chakra opening with the bija mantras. But before that I looked into how to unblock your chakras. It’s says you have to release shame guilt grief delusions etc. So when doing the bija mantras does that open them and release those problems on its own. Or do you have to do other things as well. This is from the soul travel course


Just accept the flaws you can’t remove and get rid of thought patterns that no longer serve you
cry them out basically

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Holy shit, this wound up being TLDR. Sorry.

What AlphaC said. Now for this forum this may sound a bit weak, but, forgive yourself. That time you got too drunk, or maybe you shat yourself in public as a child. Steal form an old man? … lol.

It is good to take inventory of all your mistakes / misdeeds. Many times you have some bundled up guilt about shit that makes no sense at all. If you embark on the journey to forgive yourself, no entity (human or otherwise) will be able to use shame against you.

When you make it a point to embark on this journey of discovering all the stupid shit you ever did and letting it go, you will get random thoughts here and there reminding you what you did. When it happens, let it go, gasp, laugh, shake your head, cry, whatever. It is a long process.

De-programming yourself of lies and limitations from corporations, government and religion works similarly. When you take a cold hard look at yourself and scrutinize your behavior, forgive yourself and fix the problems. Obsessed with Apple? porn? booze? … hey nobody said to quit, but just acknowledge the behavior at least.

Also when you visit your chakras, to expedite things, you can visualize them bursting, or gushing. Feel free to imagine yourself cracking them open with your hands, or stretching them. (This last part is inspired by some of Robert Bruce’s work.)