Soul Travel course and Robert Bruce Astral Dynamics

Hey I have recently bought Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce.If you haven’t read it well the basic layout is building up your energy body and connecting to your higher self through affirmations and repetitive exercises, almost like a mantra. I was wondering if this is book is similar to the Mastering Soul travel. I know E.A teachers from a Black Magician stand point. I am constantly doing exercises to build up my energy body and power supply for Evocation, Soul Travel, and Divination. The question I have is to those who have knowledge of both Robert Bruce and E.a Koetting , who’s methods work best for someone striving for Godhood or does it really matter? I personally know very little about Robert Bruce and don’t know if his personal beliefs affect his works but, I do know E.A is all for the individual freedom of the Magician. So all in all I’m a little confused, if you want to walk the left hand path can Robert Bruce methods help? He mentions giving yourself over to the Higher self a lot and it sounds like a lot of RHP dogma.


I can’t answer for Robert Bruce’s work as I’m not familiar with it, but most RHP-oriented methods (like core shamanic soul travel, healing, and so on) can also be used to attain LHP goals and for baneful works. I think he has a forum, try using the search function on there maybe?

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Robert Bruce’s method, known as Tactile Imaging, is very compatible with EA’s Soul Travelling course. The main difference is Robert Bruce focuses on Astral Travel, and EA on Soul Travel, which are not the same thing at all.

In EA’s course, he does not talk about building up your energy body because you don’t have to. In his methodology, you are already fully capable of learning to travel, because you naturally do it already. In his course, he teaches exercises to relax and enter the TGS, visualizations to still the mind, pranayama, the Blue Flame meditation (also found in Ipsissimus) and opening the chakras, then getting out of your body for the first time.


I don’t know about energy bodies, but for me the most useful thing in my dream work has been getting over the reliance on a physical body. It slows you down.

Thanks lady Eva and I agree Cusp. The physical body is hard to overcome when it comes to moving and expanding your consciousness outside of it, at least in a conscious state with complete control.

Darkest Knight you said that E.A teaches how to consciously get out of your body without having to build up your energy body. So does this mean Robert Bruce is wrong and you don’t have to raise your energy body to astral project? I can feel Roberts techniques working and doing something to my energy body but, if E.A can give you the same thing faster then why even raise your energy body like Robert Bruce claims you have to?

Im reading that and doing E A course. I have also bought mumfords chakra and kundalini workbook. Being 46 im looking for a kinda quick route to the process, and im still kind of convinced that the witchcraft way (incs hyper ventilation) may well be the order of play for a faster result.

I still have had no success, but to be honest im not doing any of the excercises as I should, I want to project but cant help feeling trepidation on the one hand and in regards to the meditation i cant get round to doing it every day etc etc, lucky if I do it twice a week.

On these grounds I cant really comment about any procedure that Ive read in regards to achieving AP.


I’m just trying to figure out if building the energy body is necessary to OBE. I am trying at the constantly get the basics down. I really want to began a pathworking a entity and work through WOD and the book of Azazel but, I can seem to get my astral sight down, I can get into theta gamma sync but from there it’s like everything’s a dead end and I’m hoping being able to astral project will start the momentum i need to proceed.

IMO, you don’t build up your energy body so much as move your awareness into it. When you move your awareness into your energy body, you naturally stimulate it, which expands it in your awareness. EA’S method charges the Chakras as does Tactile Imaging. Qui Gong and Neil Gong use internal awareness of the natural energy flow of the body. I think it all depends on what you believe is necessary. You can have seven chakras or twelve or 24 depending on the system you follow. Ultimately, everyone is different so my suggestion is to experiment and find out if it may be necessary for you to develop your energy body to AP.

That makes a lot of sense…Thank you for the advice I’ll put it to use and get back if I have any profound results. Hopefully I can finally get this ball rolling.

try this its from Dr John Mumfords book…chakra and kundalini workbook - to be done in bed or on the floor. You must stick with it and do it each night preferably - continue your meditations as normal - just put on your headphones on wireless and away you go.

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Sorry, I forgot where I posted this and I’ll pick up a copy of it and see what happens. Every so often I leave my body while I sleep but, I have yet to gain full conscious control.

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