Soul Travel and Cuneiform

Over the years certain herbs have played a large role in my soul traveling and I was wondering if anyone here has had similar experiences with this as I have been.

I think the places I’ve been visiting are Sumerian or some other really ancient civilization that writes in Cuneiform. All of the temples and structures are similar to what the Mayans built but as I go deeper into this world things get stranger and look really alien to me. When I say alien, I really mean this because some of this stuff looks like something that H.R. Giger would paint. The structures I have studied on this plane have Cuneiform on them from top to bottom which is pretty overwhelming and hard for me to memorize since there is so much of this writing.

I never really showed any interest in the entities of this world because they were off doing their own thing so I would just analyze them and move on. Instead of doing this yesterday, I tried Eric’s anchoring technique which is in the mastering soul travel course and it worked with interesting results.

When I entered in this plane of existence, I thought of this technique and I found myself zeroed in on this women who was standing behind a pillar looking at me. I call her The Green Lady. Her etheric body looks like a water color painting, her features are defined by black brush strokes and her body of light is electric green in color. She also has Cuneiform tattoos on her arms and legs.

When I met her she took me to a temple which was this realm’s hall of records. When I found myself inside of this place I noticed that it was just a hallway which went on forever. There was no ceiling either, because the walls went up so far that they ended up disappearing in darkness. The Green Lady took me over to the walls in this temple and showed me how this room worked. The walls were made up of tablets written in Cuneiform and other symbols that I have never seen before. She said that the tablets in this room described their history, the rituals they use, the entities of this plane that I could work with, words of power, the secrets of life, how to get to this plane and directions on how to create various devices to enhance spirit human communication.

She told me these tablets can be used on the physical plane to manifest results in my reality as well. After she got done describing the purpose of these tablets to me she pointed to one of them and told me to remove it from the wall. Without hesitation I pulled it off of the wall. The symbols on this stone tablet began to glow in vibrant red and purple. She told me to touch the symbols from bottom to top by moving my hand over them from right to left. As I did this the symbols changed from vibrant purple and red to an electric green and yellow. I knew the tablet was charged and the next thing that happened to me blew my mind.

I turned into a tree. I found myself in the ground far away from the temple I was once in. I was a sapling. I felt myself growing into a large oak tree. Time was an illusion as I grew. The seasons flew by as I reached for the sky. I was so happy. This was ecstasy. As I grew branches I saw my leaves take form and die as the seasons passed by. There were birds nesting in my trunk, squirrels doing acrobatic stunts between my branches and insects eating my sap. All I knew was this made me happy and it felt great to be apart of this. The light and energy that passed through me felt warm and safe. I wanted to stay here forever. Just as this vision and feeling felt as if it went on for eternity, I soon faded back into reality.

It’s been about 16 hours now since I experienced this and I feel really good. Everything seems to have a brighter glow to it and I feel lighter. The ecstasy that I felt is still buzzing through my body and I have a new understanding of what nature really is. Once I wake up and start moving around I’m going to post the astral gateway for this plane because I want you guys to experience this. This realm is breathtaking.

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I had to let my camera charge for a bit but here is the gateway I was talking about. I really can’t wait to revisit this place because there is so much to learn here. Anyways I hope you guys have fun if you choose to give this a go.

Thanks for sharing this. This is awesome! That gateway has a Necronomicon-like appearance.

Yeah, I thought that as well. Given the nature of the plane, I wonder if there is some kind of connection between this and the Necronomicon or similar work that is influenced by the Sumerians. Next time, I visit I’m going to ask The Green Lady if she has a sigil I could use and if I can share it with everyone for evocation purposes. I really want to get back to the hall of records as well because there are tablets as far as the eye can see and I wonder if they all have the same effect but different scenarios. Either way if you choose to mess around with this I’m interested in hearing your results.

May I ask which herbs?

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It has me intrigued, c.j., I am thinking about it. For some reason, The Green Lady, the gateway, somehow has a kind of Venus vibe to it? I could be wrong but it’s just the feel I get. I’ll be happy to share results with you if I go ahead and explore this gateway.

That would be awesome. I could see it having a Venus vibe to it as well especially with the new found love and appreciation for nature I have and the overall color scheme of The Green Lady and the plane itself. I will be sharing more on this in a few days. This whole thing has got me really excited.

Late reply - I just travelled through this, and spoke to someone female, I’m not sure it was the exact same person but I asked “Why do you build?” because I’m interested in non-human motivations for culture.

She replied “To express ourselves” which was one of those answers that I feel was intensely multi-layered.

I asked to see the Hall of Records because I’ve been having some odd experiences around that very topic lately and she took me there, I saw scrolls and tablets, and somehow the sense that each outcome is defined by the cause-and-effect chain and the vibration they create.

I started losing focus a bit so I said farewell to her and left, but that was VERY interesting! I love a gateway… thanks!! :slight_smile:

Sorry about the late reply as well on this topic. I’m a horrible procrastinator and that’s why I haven’t posted my pics and shared my notes on this thread. Sorry guys :confused:

Anyways, aside from my dream work and my continued work with astral projection, I have been devoting some of my time working with this plane of existence. As Lady Eva had mentioned these entities create in order to express themselves. It is my understanding that they are master artisans who build everything from simple handmade crafts to the beautiful stone temples and structures that are seen on this plane. They are very knowledgeable in this and are very helpful concerning new projects, bringing the individual who works with them new ideas and inspiration. This is why I got into metal working. I never had any hands on experience with this but when I jumped into it I was able to do things outside of my artistic capabilities. I give credit to my evocation of Lahesha for this.

Carving molds out of soap stone with an engraver is no easy task. When I evoked her and asked her for guidance on this subject I was able to channel her during my work. I was working with her when I made my masters mold for the Seal of the Sorcerer. When it comes to soapstone there is no erasing, especially when your using an engraver. It would have been a near impossible task for me to accomplish (getting the depth right, drawing the whole seal in one shot free handed with an engraver) but her voice soothed me and eliminated all of my frustrations. The seal appeared on the soapstone in vibrant blue light as she talked me through it and all I had to do was trace over it. I know this sounds a bit cheesy because some of you are prolly thinking why I didn’t just draw it out in magic marker. I tried that and I couldn’t get the ink to stay on. Once I started engraving the ink would smear making it impossible to see what I was trying to trace. This is why her help was essential in this project.

As I said they are master artisans but they have proven themselves to be very knowledgeable in magical operations as well as other things. I think this is because they have access to all sorts of secret information within their hall of records.

Or this could possibly be a temple of light that leads to the Akashic hall of records. I haven’t got this clarified though.

Lahesha (aka The Green Lady) is a great guide and a really cool spirit to work with. From what I’ve gathered she is knowledgeable in things concerning the past, present and future. She is a great guide and helpful teacher concerning things such alchemy, metallurgy, and things of an artistic nature such as painting and sculpting. She has knowledge of the pyramids and places of spiritual power. Last but not least, she seems to bring about abundance in financial matters. A few weeks back I was stressing out about being short on my last check and I opened her sigil thinking about this problem and I found a hundred dollar bill on my way into work later that evening. It’s pretty interesting if you ask me. Either way I’m going to do my best to keep you guys updated and I’m really excited that you guys are taking an interest in this. I’m including Lahesha’s sigil in this post.

Until next time- C.J.

Is that a real herb like Horny Goat Weed or am I missing a joke…?:joy:

It’s the name of a strain of Psilocybin-containing mushrooms.

On topic, I am saddened by the dead image for the astral gateway mentioned by OP.