Soul Travel and Astral Projection Journal

So, I’ve lately been working through EA’s Soul Travel course, and I decided to start a journal of my experiences.

Why work through soul travel? I have had a monstrously difficult time opening my astral senses. I’m in a nasty cycle that goes like this:

  1. Get desperate and suicidal and turn to magic to fix the problem that I feel helpless to fix myself.
  2. Do task magic and prayer, since that’s really all I can do.
  3. Feel super good about it!
  4. Time passes, get anxious, slowly get desperate, go back to step 1.

This cycle isn’t helping me at all, so to try and break it, I’m going to focus instead on soul traveling. Here are the benefits I think I can have through this work:

  1. It seems easier.
  2. I can communicate with any entity at want without needing full evocation skills.
  3. It’s just plain fun!
  4. My mind runs wild at the possibilities.

My only real hurdle has been EA’s guide to getting out of the body. He frowns on traditional methods for astral projection, but since I’m having a hard time with his particular method, I decided to use some of Robert Bruce’s and William Buhlman’s techniques. So far, I’m much closer to success with their actual techniques for leaving the body.

I’ve so far gotten to the vibration stage a few times, which is pretty exciting. I’ve felt my entire body beginning to float, but for some reason, I get stuck at my head. I can’t get it loose, nor can I see anything.

I’m enjoying the learning process very much.


Liquidify the connection on your head.

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Good effort

For an update, I haven’t managed to experience vibrations again since this last post, but I’m reading up on the subject still.

I’m doing a few other workings in-between, but because of my interest in soul travel my mind doesn’t slip into its abyss as often.

I’m reading through some Eckankar stuff, as it’s a religion (officially classified as a cult, just to offer fair warning) based around soul travel. It’s actually where EA got the term and I learned of it through his video. There are certainly some interesting methods they use for getting out of the body! I’ll share them later. Must sleep now.

Going through Monroe’s Gateway Experience. It seems really interesting, but I have to learn to get out of my own way. Curse my analytical brain, for it serves me well save for meditation!