Soul purpose

Does anyone here believe we have a soul purpose? that if we don’t follow a certain pattern of growth our higher self will block our paths and we will have to go down a certain route? a lot of new age types talk about this especially during a spiritual awakening. As someone as has been very ill most of my life it actually makes me very angry to think abour. Why would i want a soul purpose and only have a one way train track style life. In reality i just want total freedom where my choices are void of any external influence whether it be higher self, god, the universe etc. A lot of people say we come here for a reason. If i had a choice i would want to seperate from source if this indeed was the case

I believe some people come here with a purpose, a friend of mine has a purpose he chose prior to coming here so he cannot go against it. I use to want a soul purpose because having some direction sounds amazing. However, I don’t have one so I have many choices to go on and so many choices leads me to confusion a lot of the time.


I agree with @Velenos. I think some people do have a distinct purpose, but for the majority of us, I think we are simply here to experience the material world in whatever way we can.

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interesting, i hope thats the case. i have talked to you about kundalini awakening and ego before. and my understanding now is that the ego wont go away. I know it will change me but my biggest concern in life is that it will take me away from what i desire now and put me on some other path