Soul created by a demon

What the hell does it mean for a person when their soul, has been created by a demon and has a connection to said demon that can’t be broken?

There’s a mix up of two things here - one the labeling of an entity by a hateful, racist term invented by monotheism to help convert people to thier way, and how spirit creation works. These are not related. So it doesn’t mean anything, really.

Most spirits are creator beings, and one of the things they can create is more spirits. How else did you think they got created? How else did you think you got created?

My apologies, I thought Belial was a demon and that it was a race of beings. I didnt think it was a racist term…
I never had an issue with being called a demon after all.
How I got created was by Belial making me, then somewhere along the line I started serving in his army.
What im curious is what does this mean for the relationship between me and Belial.

While I tend to not believe demons, angels, etc can create souls (yes to me Belial is a demon) they can fragment their own soul and meld it into a “new soul” thus creating a soul. It doesn’t damage their own soul nor does it make their soul shrink so to speak. However, that’s usually the common way most beings can create a soul which is not similar to how a Primordial God would create a soul.


Thank you for the short lesson, that’s informative and interesting.
How does that impact the relationship of the parent soul and created soul? What is the relationship normally like between demonic king and created soul? King and minion or is it different?
Im sorry for the barrage of questions

The relationship can be whatever the one that did the fragmenting desires it to be, father and child, master and servant, a form of themselves, etc. The fragmented soul becomes their own soul so their relationship can become anything they worked towards even lovers.

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Its not master and servant. Hmm I think a form of divination would come in handy here. I think I should try to ask someone for a reading, its to close a subject for me to do personally. Im leaning towards a more parental role, or mentor perhaps.
Thank you Rungr!

A reading would be a good choice, confirmation goes a long way.

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From what I’ve noticed in my soul scape some of my aspects are different races and such, thank you for the soul dive info, I’ll also be using that to try and do some shadow work as well.

Yeah that’s usually what happens when you reincarnated a few times as different races you’ll find different lives. However you’ll also find the one that defines the soul as well.

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I haven’t been asking them yet. Oh and there is a fae aspect as well. Chances are that’s the one who had the most impact. Your reading was good.

Seems like good progress on your end.


I have the same thing with Azazel, and I am kin with his legions. He collaborated with two other entities. I consider them all my sires, in different ways.

I think the relationship will be what you make it. As a human you have no particular binds upon you because of your spiritual relationships, that’s one of the perks - and drawbacks - of being human, we are on our own unless we specifically ask for help.

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Past karmic relations

Actually, the term originally comes from Greek mythology and was used as a regular term for “spirit”. However, the word itself didn’t use to carry negative connotations.


It’s not. Demons don’t care about being called that.


Most the ones I met call themselves it too lol


That’s “daemon”, not demon. They are not the same thing.

But the word evolved from “daemon” into “demon”.

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Im trying to make good progress on my own, especially before going to others with questions.
I’ve learned my lesson

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