Soul Contracts, Real/ Fake, System of Control, Breaking/Changing them?


So I have been looking for Answers regarding the situation I have been stuck in. (wrote about it before).

Sometimes I feel like I have a reason for being here and others not so much and my path has changed quite a bit. I have long history of study in Metaphysics and on the light side of things. But it stopped working in my present situation which is why I starting looking for answers in the dark (I really don’t find Deamons or Lucifer to be dark and I think it’s erroneous and just demonization)

My question to everyone reading this is What do you think about Soul Contracts and also check out this article as I found it very interesting as his opinion is we are tricked into them. Or maybe (and this is my idea) some parts of it like they do in congress where a good Bill then has a bunch crap added into it so it barely is what was first intended. But I have also heard you can change them and that we do choose theme but then we have free will within those themes, but now presently we also have the ability to change the theme.

I thought this could be an interesting discussion.


I’m with you and I’ve linked that or it’s sister articles here before. The meditations are very nice, and I use Cameron’s Day’s techniques to recycle parasites. I enjoy his work.

Karma is an opt-in control system to my mind, and can be opted out of. I used these methods to remove all my contracts years ago.

We talked about it here some:


Life missions one agreed to before choosing to incarnate on earth.


So do you also work with Angels and Daemons/Demons?

Are they part of that system?


I’d like to say I’ll work with anyone where mutual benefit can be attained. In reality there are entities and groups of entities that don’t interest me or that I’m in a place of judgement about, the Archons is one.

I can’t speak to what Cameron Day’s system is with respect to entities recognised in other currents if that’s the question.