Soul Absorption, the pros and cons?

First off, I didn’t know where to put this topic, but I have a feeling it has something to do with Vampirism, though if it doesn’t let me know, my friends? Anyway to the topic: I’ve lately been curious since my Pater told me that such a thing exists, but he didn’t really give me specifics. To give context, I’m looking into this, because I wish to give my future egregore, who I am naming Azi Grimm (50 points to those who can imagine what this great egregore is gonna look like. >;P ) this power of devouring the souls of my enemies, among others that would be incredibly useful in obtaining my goals and among other endeavors. Anyway, now to questions, ready ladies and gentlemen?

  1. What would the side effects be of this power (either to Azi Grimm itself or to me)?

  2. Would this be a guarantee to erase the target’s soul from reincarnation permanently?

  3. What could do with such power, once I have it? More so how much energy does a single soul yield?

  4. Would it be addictive? I mean would this make me a vampire but for souls, instead of blood?

  5. What would be the benefits of devouring souls? And the negatives?

Well, those are my questions, so yeah hopefully you lot, including the vampiric folk with wisdom can answer these questions. Also, any recommendations for the creation of Azi Grimm? Like who would I need to ask for help building this great instrument of my will? Demons, Angels, or Gods that come to mind?

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