Sorry about the time away

Hi. I just started a new profile . My old profile was saved to my old phone and unfortunately my balg forum profile is no more. My user name was Deisemus Necralin. If I was helping you with a ritual or explaining some of my rituals that I’ve channelled from the spirits I work with. I think the last one I was discussing was “Stealing Troublesome servitors from other magicians” I am a well rounded magician and will soon be providing a ritual for hire service. I would like to give some people that dont have the funds to purchase a ritual for hire to still get the help they need. so I’ll be doing some ritual work for free for the next few m ok months. Hit me up if you would like


Welcome back :slight_smile:

Offering rituals for free, that’s an altruistic gesture :slightly_smiling_face:

I would really be interested to know more about your work and the kind of rituals you do.


Hi and welcome.

I have been here for about 9 months I guess and never heard of you. I’m sure a lot of the newer members have not either so I would love it if you could post an introduction in the appropriate section.



Hi there!

We have no accounts with that name, I checked the database.

There are no topics with that title.

But not on here: Advertising on this forum is NOT permitted.

This is also against the rules unless you have been a reasonably active member for at least three months, primarily so peeople can get a feel for you and the quality of your work, but also, and very importantly, so that spammers and even scammers cannot signup and start immediately collecting personal data, including sensitive info about people’s problems, and even phishable data like date of birth, photo, mother’s maiden name, etc:

Therefore, please make your very next post a detailed intro, which also gives your correct former username on here, or I am going to close this account due to these many red flags. :thinking:

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