Sorcery of Samson: Why men go bald

Women by nature are creative creatures. You’ll notice the man provides the foundations but the women make it pleasant. This can be interpreted in so many ways.

Thus women have this divine inspiration of creativity, an imagination unparalleled with man’s vision of power.
Let’s take the example of a house. Men are satisfied with a strong sturdy house and can live like pigs. But a woman will want it to be clean and pleasant to the eye, they will therefore decorate and make it as comfortable as possible, often times blowing men’s minds with their creative intuitions.

When men were little, they had this ability as well, but as they grew they lost it. In the same way that they lost their hair.

Everywhere there is a patch of hair, there is a Chakra. The two petalled ajna chakra, the two eyebrows. The “1,000” petalled Sahasra Chakra, the hair on the head.

These petals each have a function. and when those attributes are lost, the hair is lost as well corresponding to those petals.
Man loses imagination and creativity, thus he begins to bald. When a tree loses it’s power in those leaves, it sheds them. Thus in order to regrow those leaves, man must become like a little child again, he must exercise his imagination again.

Kundalini means lock of hair from the divine. The Sorcery of Samson, he had 7 locks of hair that gave him superhuman strength. When Delial betrayed him, he lost all hope, all inspiration, imagination. Her betrayal killed his love and thus it killed him.

Therefore if you want to keep your hair, reintegrate your imagination, exercise it. Creative visualization, Generation Stage, give your tree the Divine Will and it will blossom again

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Interesting Profile Pic, as it is a meditational practice that I do.

I’m going to reference the word Faith in here a few times, but based on what I have learned from Archaelus, Faith is Evocation. I may be wrong, but this is how I see it. I have already written this out, for the longest time I have called it The Doctrine of Faith, as my upbringing has been predominantly Christian, but I always had problems with it because I interpreted it differently. I never saw Jesus as the Son of God, but as a normal human who exercised his mind and was therefore able to teach others his craft. I therefore came to see the Bible as the recorded history of Witchcraft and Sorcery, albeit without the actual methods on how to accomplish these powers. But I have found subtle references that a normal monotheistic dumbshit would overlook or misinterpret.

Here it is:
Psalms 82:6
Ye are all gods, you are children of the most high.

In all Magickal Traditions, visualization is a core practice. It is with Visualization that mastery of Faith is achieved.

The true test of any Christian’s Faith is if they can do miracles, if they can’t then they have no faith.

For Jesus says in Matthew 17:20,

He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

Faith according to the Bible,

Hebrews 11:1

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

The Author of Hebrews is unknown, but is a friend of Timothy. So this not even from the disciples, it’s from someone else. But this is what Christians use to understand faith.

It’s complete Bullshit, the Bible is not the word of God, and therefore is not infallible, it’s a waste of valuable time.

Luther’s definition of faith:

“Faith is that which brings the Holy Spirit through the merits of Christ”. Thus faith, for Luther, is a gift from God, and “. . .a living, bold trust in God’s grace, so certain of God’s favor that it would risk death a thousand times trusting in it.” This is the definition that Protestant Christianity uses.

Both definitions are wrong.

Jesus was constantly on the ignorant and faithless disciple’s asses about their lack of faith.

And what we have today is a slap in the face to what Jesus taught about Faith.

There’s what Jesus taught and there’s what the Church teaches,

the Church bases the Bible on it’s interpretations of Faith from the faithless and misguided disciples of Jesus. Christianity is based on the teachings of the Church, from whom they interpreted from the disciples, the disciples interpreted what they got from Jesus.

And we are to accept the teachings of the Church?

That is the Blind leading the blind. It makes better sense to apply what Jesus taught, not by what other’s think happened.

The Faith Christians talk about is Trust. Every Christian interprets it this way, but that’s not what Jesus was teaching.

What I’m talking about, Faith has to be generated. I have a specific Meditation that I do that generates faith. It’s not an easy Meditation either. Doubt, distraction, temptation, and fear are the main obstacles.

Holding the Faith long enough without the obstacles interfering is the hard part.

But it can be done, and miracles like walking on water, water to wine, feeding the 5000, healing, levitation, it’s all real.

Trusting it won’t make it happen, only strengthening your faith thru the Techniques of my meditation will allow it to happen.

This is what I have derived from what Jesus was trying to convey to his stupid disciples.

My meditation for Faith:

“From Darkness comes Light”
(The reason for the Darkness)
In a dark room, light a candle. stare at it, try to see it picture perfect behind your closed eyelids. It will take about a month of strong effort to see it. But the moment you see it, it will be like a fleeting dream that quickly vanishes.

Next stage do the same visualization in a dark room with eyelids open with no visual aid. After a month you will see it manifesting before you illuminating the room.

But the moment you see it you will doubt it and at that moment it will vanish. It will take you a while to get it back.

But each time you see it, try to hold the image a little longer. This is the concentration of Faith that overcomes doubt.

From this you can include the other senses and then manipulate the image, see it grow, get small, multiply it, change it into something else.

It just like a Lucid Dreaming except that you are awake.

Stages of advancement:

It is first practiced during Dreaming, then during Lucid Dreaming, it can be applied in an Astral Projection should you get lucky enough to experience that, then it is practiced during the awakened state behind closed eyelids, then open eyelids in complete darkness, then with a little light, then more light, and finally in broad daylight. When you can do this in Hell, you will have mastered it. This means practicing this within severe distractions, such as busy city dwelling.

Concerning Astral Projection:

Because visualization practice is a generation stage practice that induces Sleep Paralysis which tricks the body into thinking it’s asleep and from that moment you’ll have access to the subtle body and be able to access the powers of it as well.

Manipulation of the (Subtle) Body can induce Astral Projection??? Or is it Physical?

The Chakras and their channels are the Anatomy of the Subtle Body.

Reminds me of what Jesus did when he feed the 5000 with two loaves of bread and two fish and changed water to wine. Your dreams become reality.

I’ve done miracles, I know how they’re done, so when I see certain Bible​ passages that reference it I will use it. But remember the disciples, Jesus was constantly getting onto them for their​ lack of faith, so their testimony of everything in the gospels is Bullshit.

So when the Church says things about Faith, I can tell when they are lying. It’s not that they lie, it’s that they just don’t know and spread their inaccurate interpretations to others. They simply do not know.

People are always asking, what do you believe? I ask you, what do you even know? You don’t know, so you believe whatever people tell you. You have to learn to think for yourself.

The old woman who believes just the 10 commandments, that’s her interpretation of what she thinks is right, what she believes.

But the 10 Commandments is Jewish law. Jesus came to get rid of the old Jewish customs and teach people how to do miracles.

And now the church hides Jesus teachings because it is a threat to their establishment. If people could do their own miracles, what would they need the church for?

The church is lazy, they would rather pray all day and try to further elucidate their many interpretations but never train their own faith.

And yet they have the audacity to condemn the actual practice of Meditation and then make up nonsense about demons entering you to scare you into not discovering this inherent power. What garbage.

My parable of the devil (the devil being the 4 obstacles to Faith: doubt, distraction, temptation, and fear.)

If you are in a crowded room, and many people are there and the devil enters, how will you know that he is there?

You won’t, cause he will blend in with the rest of the crowd, you won’t see him when he comes for you.

However if the room is empty and the devil tries to enter, he will be easily identified, he will be noticed.

The same is with meditation, you will see the doubt, the distraction, the fear, and you will be better prepared for it.

The church wants to keep your mind fully occupied so you will sin, so you will be forced to be forgiven. They have created a demand for themselves and prosper off of it.

Fuck the Church,
Become a Living God.


I have to completely disagree with this interpretation of the Samson story. Everything I have studied tells me it is an allegory for chi development, and has absolutely nothing to actually do with his hair (or the power of God for that matter).

Sampson was part of a religious sect that practiced semen retention (the Nazirites), and he lost his power because Delilah was a skilled enough lover to get him to ejaculate (if you read the full story, he caroused with many women but never actually had sex with them). In the Biblical interpretation, his power was said to come from his vow to God, and when his hair is cut by force, it broke his vow. They never give a reason why Samson slept so soundly enough that Delilah was able to cut his hair though, even though he had been with many women previously and had even fought off the Philistines afterwards. The answer is obviously that he spent himself with only Delilah.

And kundalini means “coiled one,” in Sanskrit. It does not mean “hair of the Divine.”

Your post doesn’t make any sense to me.


Coiled one is a symbolic representation of Kundalini, it’s in reference to the serpent, which Kundalini behaves like.

A Google search would show you what Kundalini means: Lock of Hair from the Beloved

I can’t say that semen rentention has anything to do with Strength. As those who practice it develop prostate issues. And if such power was possible then Powerlifters would be making the news constantly. They’re not.

My post is about how hair is lost and what may be contributing to it, as well as other issues with our physiologies. Something Science has yet to recognize possibly.

My argument for hair patches being located everywhere
a Chakra is, is valid. I believe the hair is a byproduct of the Chakras visible power, and as a Chakra loses it’s influence because it’s not being stimulated properly then the area associated with the hair is weakened.

You say it doesn’t make sense, only because you have accepted that Kundalini means something else., and that a held belief about semen retention might be responsible for Strength. It may not.
Research it more. It makes perfect sense.


All this in part due to my profile image?

Kundalini… The symbolism of interupatations is endless. One practioner feels the symbol of the curl of the lock of hair of the beloved or coiled hair and another set of symbols of a coiled serpent all being a metaphor or interpatation of the intent of the user.

I liked the post on Samson and Delilah again as being used as a metaphor for power and religious symbolism of purity of spirit and strong belief and the taboo’s of disobedience. In fact i have some hex work with this symbolism in mind, hair loss in particular. Which is why i had some interest in the intial post.

To me Samson and Delilah is a parable regarding Samson’s religious fortitude. They used physical strength as a symbol of his religious strength and belief, in that the sect he was affiliated with demanded celibacy and purity of mind and body combined with thier belief in god. Not that the fictional Samson was actually bending metal bars, overturning chariots or taking down huge stone pillars.

The hair loss parable even by force and not free will is that if you transgress from religion you will be punished with loss of divine power or belief and that you will make other mistakes without your belief in the righteous that will lead to your downfall.

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There are many people who have no hair in the areas of the body where the chakras are located (many men have naturally hairless chests, for example, or cannot grow a beard and so have no hair at their throat. And what about women? They have chakras too). You supposition only looks at the 7 chakra system and does not account for other systems that hold to a different number of chakras, and to a different placement for them.

It is very possible and heavily practiced in Taoism, yet they don’t seem to have any prostrate problems related to it. Wonder why? Could it be because they know what they’re doing? After all, they have practiced it for several thousand years.

Also, I have never heard of power lifters practicing semen retention so that line doesn’t hold water. You assume that athletes would practice it if it really leads to strength, but that is a very big assumption to make, especially in the Western world. There are many eastern practices that sound silly to a red-blooded North American male.

However, many famous football coaches have prohibited their players from having sex or masturbating for at least two weeks before a big game, because they know it leads to increased testosterone levels which in turn, leads to increased aggression, and, yes, increased strength, especially in young men.

Semen retention itself doesn’t build strength though, but what it does do is build chi. The chi, circulating in the body, leads to strength (as well as increased hormone production).

Glen Morris, the author of the book Path Notes of an American Ninja Master, wrote about a substantial increase in strength after having completed the kundalini, to the point of ripping the handles off of car doors. He used Taoist techniques to go through the process, one of which was semen retention, so I would say, if practiced properly, it does indeed increase strength.


This is a new practice I am initiating.
I believe that hair is a byproduct of Chakra strength, thus by strengthening my chakras I should get more hair. Maybe turn into Hanuman or the Monkey King, Son Goku (I think the Monkey King is based off of Hanuman), go Super Saiyan!:sparkling_heart::smiley::tada::1st_place_medal:

I mean who wouldn’t want to be a Super Saiyan, to me they’re our Potentials, just another Sorcerer that knows how to manipulate astral energies.


Baldness is genetic and can be predicted, mapped, and measured, though it seems some men have success with scalp exercises and massage in order to mitigate the genetic tendency.

Most of the world’s greatest artists, composers, scupltors and musicians have always been men, and there is no reason based on some conspiracy theory (that just before or during the bronze age, all men everywhere decided to start oppressing all women for absolutely no reason) that they would keep these relatively passive and low-paid arts to themselves, and starve to create great artworks, when they could simply have let women do that stuff in between babies. :thinking:

If hair strongly correlates to spirituality, why do Buddhist monks and nuns shave theirs?

And if every chakra is hairy, why are the palms of our hands, which are energy nexuses, always hairless?

If a woman loses her hair after the menopause, which does happen quite often, is she spiritually slacking off?


I will say your talk on faith has some merit in regards to Hermetic practices which rely on the cultivation of the mind and faith which can be seen as a form of empowered belief and mental mass resulting from such. On the hair thing though… ehhh you lost me there.


Eh? Men are equally creative, you think building a house isn’t creative? Since when? Engineering, architecture and interior design are careers where men outnumber women. In fact the very first article I fact-checked myself on says creative fields are dominated by men.

Also this depends on your definition of ‘pleasant’, and I don’t necessarily see buying floral curtains or whathaveyou as either creative or pleasant - you could just as easily put this down to a ‘nesting instinct’ and, imo, have a stronger argument.


Not to labour the point, but this video is amazing and just worth sharing. This guy designed and hand built a house all by himself, out of the woods around him. He does is own metal work too. Strangely satisfying to watch.


Chakras are all over the body, and humans are not furry. And no, women are not weaker in qi because they are not as hairy as men. Women are normally very strong at manipulating qi, a possible reason why the ground connection was destroyed by foot binding in China as part of oppressing women so that they could remain as property.

Maybe your definition of “chakra” is not the same as the one being used by others and you want to clarify that? Such as the ones in the palms… I guess you’re not counting those?
Did you know there’s a old joke: “Looking for hair in the palms of your hands is a sign of madness”. :rofl:

Thing is, hair doesn’t grown randomly - it grows from special skin organs called hair follicles. These do not exist in all places where there are chakras. You can, if you wish, use qi and intention to adjust your DNA so that you can develop hair follicles in such places. I think it’ll be easier to get them growing where they are dormant.
But there’s no correlation between hair and qi development.

Want to see a qigong master strong enough to set fire to paper with his qi? Fair warning - he’s not at all furry.


I can’t speak much on the chakras, as I’ve only recently gotten into working with them. However, I was completely bald by the time I was 23 (didn’t bother me, been shaving my head since a teenager) and my imagination is great. I’ve been routinely exercising it since childhood. Not to mention I do graphic design as well as web design and development, an industry which relies heavily on design, creativity and imagination.


If Genetics are going to be the reason, then why practice any of this? The whole point is to defile obstacles and perform miracles.
Fuck Genetics.
I was supposed to be 6’2", but got to 6’ in 5th grade, and 6’10" when I was 18. Just 2 years ago, i grew 2 more inches and am now 7’, I’m 43 now.
I’m also practicing the Sorcery of Methuselah, so I’m going to be immortal as well.

Because the genetics that determine male-pattern baldness and hairloss in post-menopausal women are not connected to magickal ability. Also, genes express differently depending on environmental factors including emotional state (and so by extension, personal magickal power and spiritual development).


Either way I fucking love RU58841. Stuff works seeming miracles.


@Norski But I guess it has withdrawals just like finasteride ?

It’s a topical solution. I wouldn’t say there’s any withdrawal from stopping it but I think you’ll start shedding again once you stop using it. I’d just treat it like shampoo and conditioner. Make it part of your routine and enjoy having locks


If I wanted topical solutions,
I wouldn’t have come here.

The whole point of Sorcery for me is to accomplish the impossible using Astral Forces.

The body can obviously grow hair, so why does it stop in certain areas? Three Magic Words, by U.S.Andersen proves how powerful the mind is, simple hypnosis alone can accomplish miracles. Therefore I believe the mind can make the hair regrow, can regrow limbs, heal any injury.

I believe the known sigils have an effect on the mind, that they access that part associated with said sigil. That Buer is the key which unlocks that part of the brain responsible for healing. And that more advanced sigils can be made known to isolate a particular issue. A more strategic remedy, but n order to do that I must find out how the 72 Goetia sigils were attained. And learn how they were constructed, so as to learn this most ancient of languages. Then Badassery can happen.

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It is from reading Ive done, but apparently hair grows from the roots and various chemicals and dietary affect growth.

No baldness, but I want to rapidly grow my hair long rather than years. I just ordered something called Hair La Vie.