Sorath and what he has done for me

I love sorath such a powerful being in and of himself I evoked him just a few days ago and asked him to burn away all my fear and insecurities for evoking all the goetic demons and I came across one of the authors posts might be abjorn or Timothy talking about fear and being the gods BITCH and sorath has definitely taken ALL MY FEARS AWAY as far as evocation also I have come across a deep understanding of what it means to “act as a god without fear” hence helping me understand the dynamic between us humans and the gods fear will kill your success now that I look at my past approaches I understand that doubt fear and insecurities will kill your chances for success


Now that is a very very very delightful and really powerful peace of information /idea right there…
Thank you so much! It is a highly valuable insight! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing!