Sonnelion info?

Hey all in one of the books I’m currently reading the demon Sonnelion is mentioned and from what I’ve been able to gather, I would like to learn more about them. I wasnt able to find much help via google and when I did a search on here, what I was looking for I’d didnt see. I have their Enn, but I’m looking for more background information. A history. Likes and dislikes etc. I was hoping maybe someone would have a link or 2, or even better, books they’d recommend. Or if I’m not getting too much information this way, would it be better to try and reach out to them and try to get to know them THAT way? The issue with that would be that I wanted to have this info before trying to communicate, so as to be as respectful as possible. Any help y’all can offer would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


I only read hes very good in cursing peopls.

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Valuable information

I’m here bc I was looking to see others experiencs with Sonnelion and you’re the first brotha I’ve seen and I’m just happy to see another brown sugared person :brown_heart::black_heart: If you go to Purgatory Apotheca website she works with Sonnelion and under the working with demon section you’ll see more info. Planets, colors, etc.


Thank you! Honestly after all this time I still haven’t really found too much info on her. Do you work with or have you worked with her? What was it like for you?

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I only found her, /h in a ebook. On demons, but it was just to Curse, enemies. Did u try v. K. Jehanum yet,?

Looking hard enough into her was hard because there are not a lot of people working with her in mainstream. Mostly used for hateful intent and baneful magick like cursing and such. I only had her briefly in the home as a devotional candle for some work someone was doing for me which included several other demons towards task. My own research produced that it correlates with a female goddess. Even the name seems to be spelled in different ways. I am an avid researcher so I found some different channels to gather info from since everything is too expensive here. YouTube didnt even have much except for a band using the name. The person who used this demon is someone who is on a much higher exp level (30 yrs) of demonolatry than I, and probably evoked it/came upon it during a divination. It doesn’t seem like this spirit is one to want to be summoned by just anyone. The task at hand calls for this particular demon skill set and you havent had much luck with the others in the same category of assistance? I dont know. But
anything Ive found is either too little info or not the kind of info that is reputable enough for me.

This was one link I found with an actual Enn:

And then theres this post from one of the members on BALG: