Songs About Entities

please, comment below on songs that you think have served as an offering to some entity, primarily those that bring you a powerful feeling that helps perform rituals.


The beat is fucking awesome.

The lyrics if someone is interested-----


All of my songs are made with the help of entities and were kinda offerings. All of my songs are gateway songs and many people have stated near instant contact using them. Not tooting my own horn but what you are talking about is exactly what I am doing right now.

What entities are you looking for? I can try to see if they would like to make a gateway song


Curses with Azazel and those under him:

Curses with Buer:



Galdr means spell. Krig is war. War Spell. Norse.
Story from the Eggja rune stone found in Norway. It’s about retaliating and defeating an enemy, good for baneing and work with Odin, Vili and Ve, Thor, probably Mars, Ares and other war gods.

What am I supposed to do
If I want to talk about peace and understanding
But you only understand the language of the sword?

I let the blade do the talking
So my tongue shall become iron
And my words the might roar of war
Revealing my divine anger’s arrow shall strike
All action for the good of all

Coexistence, conflict, combat,
Devastation, regeneration, transformation
That is the best I can do for you.

With English subtitles and cool animations:

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This song is great for getting pumped… gathering energy, and meditation/breathing. I dedicate it to Tiamat. <3


oh, Lilith, please

I have some that brings me a feeling of fear and power at the same time.

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I don’t do rituals, I just use music videos as mirrors for divination because I’m permanently possessed by Hathor. So I guess anything that really keeps my attention (like wanting to watch it on repeat for hours) could be considered an offering to Hathor.

I do this to see myself and learn about things like MBTI and astrology. (I tend to “hear” those things in music.)

Right now I’m really stuck on Justin Timberlake and RuPaul. JT videos in particular I’ve gotten a lot of great stuff from over the years (particularly about Sirius).

Oh, before I forget, one I was stuck on a few days ago:

That one, along with this one below, are pure expressions of personal godhood. These are anthems of natural mastery—what it means to be operating primarily from your dominant function (MBTI).

I also spend hours watching certain music videos just so I can see people performing choreographed dance routines. The way one move locks right into another with such fluidity shows me how “together”/successful my spirituality is. My spirituality feels like that person dancing.

I’ve been having a blast the past few days with this video (brings out Horus/Isis/Osiris stuff):

RuPaul is great for getting in touch with your dominant function. (He must be very good at staying in his.) I’ve been using these recently too:

Too many JT ones to put in here. Kylie Minogue is also good for Sirius and everything closely related.

The BEST one, though, if you have anything to do with Hathor, is JT’s “Mirrors.” (IMO of course)

I just found this Kylie video for the first time and watched it on repeat a few times. I was loving it, like, “Nice triangles,” and thinking, “That’s home,” when BOOM! I broke the video. Now all this weird shit happens to the picture when I watch it and I’m just like, “There is no way this video was like this before…was it?” and I will never know, because I’ve been permanently changed from it in some way. Every time I do this to a video I have this exact same reaction. Like, “I don’t know what the hell just happened but I feel like I’m in a club and they turned the fog machine on, dropped some fake snow, and blasted the A/C.” I don’t know if it’s a change in my perception of the video or if I’m actually causing some kind of interference. Right before it started happening, my body was vibrating more than usual.

Reminds me of The Tower in tarot. In fact, one day when that was my day card, I was blessed with breaking this video and watching it for hours:

Asmodeus and Belial like when I get pumped up, which is rather rare. Sometimes they send me work out music.

I posted it in my thread btw

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I just found this video, watched it a couple times and it’s an immediate gateway to Sirius. The first time I watched it, the triangles brought me back to the royal family (Isis/Osiris/Horus), and reminded me that Sirius is:

-Power of family (“royal bloodline”)
-Dominant function in MBTI
-The personal godhood of natural mastery
-The source of all things
-The very top (“the big boss”)
-The master key

All things are contained within Sirius (and by extension, this video, and myself) holographically, that’s why Sirius is a skeleton key.* Once you’re in with the royal family you don’t need to bother with details of other entities. In fact, to do so risks fracturing your godhood. “Keep it in the family.” (I could make a Horus joke here, but it’d probably get removed.)

*On that note:

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