SOMTHING a bit funny in the way of Baneful Curses And Hexes[873031502727144]&action_type_map=[%22og.shares%22]&action_ref_map=[]

The idea is OK but their is a real form of powerful magick which can have a real time effect on bringing down the PUTIN regime and freeing the minds of Russian people, remember he has NEWKS and will use them if pushed into the corner by the West

Perhaps you should focus on the west instead of russia. Anyone would ash out if its their last resort.

Maybe the west, Russia, AND China simultaneously. Spice up the new year by destabilizing the globe in one fell swoop. Then we can arise together from the ashes as well as conclusively observe whether the christian population mysteriously vanishes.

Would language and ideomatic barriers pose a problem? I can forsee that “go fuck yourself,” might be misinterpreted. And how to prevent another similar political puppet stepping in to continue the various corporate agendas (the ones who actually run our governments)? Maybe, instead focus on corporate CEOs, boards of directors, OOO! and bank owners. And…CFOs. Who else is worthy? This seems pretty damned complex. Especially since its clear that all the nuclear weapons will have to be nullified to keep them from being sold piecemeal to nutty revolutionaries. And what about fabled new weapons technology; HAARP, androids, biological devastation, etc.? I’ll have to engage my minion army for the project. Glad time is merely a construct; I may have to invest a few decades…do some serious underground marketing… spawn some additional minions …really tap into soul travel and the whole godlike shebang immediately.

Yup, and it’s worth remembering that to whole sections of the globe, WE are the “dangerous dark forces” who they think want to take away their candy - black magicians, after all, and to a lot of people ALL magick is black magick, no matter the intent.

We’re also, by virtue of having the leisure time to waffle about this on our nice internet connections, probably richer than the majority of the world’s population: Where are you on the global income scale?

Cursing politicians in an effort to affect change is like shooting a ventriloquist dummy because he swore at you.

Its mindblowing that the “poverty line” here is so damned lucrative. Gah! And now I must use my power and wealth to rustle me up some gluten free waffle recipies. (And my hidden occult connections to materialize a second-hand waffle iron. Take that, Wal-mart World Owners; yes, I am voting with my five dollars.)

you are so right, get one then their is just a another one to take his place
what needs to truly happen is a whole nation shift with the people not just the figure head

Not necessarily. Some dictators really need to go. If Benazir Bhutto and Lady Diana (who were far from being monsters) could go in such tragic ways, so can Vladimir Putin. Also, Asuly once performed a working on a politician that took effect.

GREAT NEWS!!! The project was successfully funded!!!

And all they now have to change is the face and name for the next mole surfacing, then the next, then the next, then the next, etcetera forever and ever. Its a brilliant marketing idea.

And minor alterations for perhaps lobbyists, CEOs, maybe translate the text for the global market. :slight_smile:

OOO! AND encourage burning them, so repeat customers are guaranteed. Label them “EXTRA Flammable - Watch him/her BURN!!!” …and PERHAPS ALL THE WORLD LEADERS AT ONCE! Then we strong can rise from the ashes and… oh, wait, already said that. Oh! I have an idea… and minions…

Then, open a branch in Russia marketing a protective charm version to ordinary folks: “Shield your duly elected President from arrogant western black magicians and would-be solo tyrants who oppose the will of the people, using their evil to harm our nation!”