Somnus Dreadwood Books

Does anyone know where I can purchase Somnus Dreadwood books at a reasonable price? I can’t find them anywhere…not even pdfs.

From what I understand there is a tug of war going on between the Cabal and Dreadwood for the publishing rights which is why the books are no longer available/out of print on places like Amazon.

Your best bet would probably be searching used bookstore directories like


I’ll check it out. Thanks!

Amazon. But if you look oldones, try maremagnus books. From italia. But if seller refuse to ship to usa offer a 25,45/ up and he will send to u. But shipping is slow. Now will take 2 months trust me,

Thank you! I did find one on a foreign amazon site. I bought it. It probably will take a long time to arrive, but that’s ok. I have a lot of other stuff to study right now.

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