Somnium Interruptio

Not sure if this was anything but I submit it for the opinion and insight of those on this forum. If this is in the wrong category, feel free to place it correctly.

I actually went to sleep at a decent time last night and, while I do not remember the details, I was having a rather pleasant dream of an erotic nature. The climax happened in the dream and I was somewhere else. The dream felt different, as if I were no longer dreaming, but also no longer a physical being. I was laying upon rough ground and there were others around, also prone. the sky was dark, but not like Night; it is hard to describe: it was an absence of anything in existence beyond the range of my vision, as if we were an island amidst the void. I noticed a dark haired , lightly tanned man kneeling down by one other, touching the chest of the body. He was dressed Egyptian in style. The skirt like cloth wrapped around his waste, there was what I guess to be hieroglyphs embossed in the trim of the cloth but I could not make out the symbols and his feet were only adorned with leather sandals with straps that wrapped up and around his calves. As I noticed him, he seemed to sense me and turned, rising, to come to where I lay. His eyes seemed to match the voidness surrounding the place where I was. As he knelt down he says with a puzzled tone, “You shouldn’t be here.” He touches my forehead (where my third eye would be) with his right hand and the crown of my head with his left with and I wake up.

It was still the wee hours of the morning and I tried all night with my lucid dreaming skills to go back to this place to find out more, but to no avail. This struck me as of great import, even if I cannot comprehend it at this point. Any insight given is welcome. Was this a vision? Was this a form of out of body traveling? If it was traveling, where tf did I go that I wasn’t supposed to be?

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An Italian article by a contemporary Hermeticist tell of a friend of the author which was seemingly doing great with some meditations, until he had a dream where an Eastern monk invited him to seat then suffocated him for a few moments in order to make him realize that it wasn’t his path. So, some differences starting from the cause of the dream, but a similar case.

I believe I made clear that the dream portion was separate. They felt VERY different; I know the second part was not a dream. I am not sure where I was or how I got there. I am not sure what path this would speak of, given that I am only just returning. I appreciate your input and will take it under condsideration.

The Egyptian dude maybe be Thoth or Set. I’m leaning towards Thoth though. It was a warning of some kind.

Does this make sense to you?

If you shouldn’t be there you could have caught a glimpse of the underworld. Maybe Osiris or Anubis found you

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I have past life memories of being a priest of Set…

I had the sense that he was sensing something about the others that were laying there. And my initial intuition said it was battlefield type injuries they all had, though I do not have memory of actively checking the nature, it was just a knowing. I am unsure because, in this life, I have very little experience with egyptian magicks or any of the gods. Would it be too much to have used the stereotypical ID of either the Jackal or the Eagle; the same goes for Thoth and Set; we cannot make it too obvious, ftw.


Are there no other opinions?

Your belief in a higher power when your mind or spirit moves into the veil or another dimension you are trying to get in touch with this higher power and hope for their help to move forward. You seem confused now as you are lying face down unable to move.

Ancient Egypt was a highly advanced and sophisticated civilization that sprung from a desert or barren ground, Egypt generally represents the hidden wonders of the world.

The Egyptian may indicate that you are not ready to realize some of your untapped potential. You are searching for answers to solve you problems and have not reached or achieved your goals.

You will have to work harder to achieve what goals you have set, stay focused, to move forward to achieve success.

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Thankyou for the input.

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So far everyone has given me a lot to ponder; please keep them coming. I am not sure it all makes sense to me, but as I process I will post my questions. Such as @lawclerk: What causes you think I am lying face down?

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This is the quote from your initial post that gave me the impression you were laying face on the ground…

Thanks, I meant no disrespect, but I had written it just after waking for the day, and when I read what I had written, my eyes skimmed. I did not remember that detail, which is why I write them down upon waking, while it is fresh.

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