Somewhat of a rant

For about a week or so now, I’ve had an account with spells of magic: a site that seemed less advanced than our community, but interesting non the less.
So after about a week of answering questions and sharing rituals, someone makes a thread about their husbands bad back. She says how she’d like to reduce the pain or stop it as it is now a constant bother for him.
To my surprise many people are flatly calling her request impossible, so I decided to chip in with some advice.
Long story short, I return a few hours later to discover my post deleted and my account gagged.
Naturally I was a tad peeved at this and just fancied having a bit of a rant.
A mod called lark muted me… Guy looks like Macron’s wife, seriously, it’s well worth a look.


here we go again (certain people know ehat im referring to)

yea place is useless. wishy washy.

Different forums cater to different people, I guess - here, the expectations and standards are set pretty high, though there’s also a social component - to be honest I think a lot of other magick/healing/spirituality forums (unless they’re complete troll-fest cesspits) tend to spend a LOT of time telling people what they CAN’T do, heavily immersed in group-think on what’s possible and eager to pick apart anyone who rustles them too much.

I haven’t been on SoM and don’t plan to, so my comment isn’t directly aimed at them, more of a general observation…

BALG Forum is Best Forum! :smiley:

Nowhere else do you get threatened with a visit from Mr Tickles, read about portals to hell, and find a novel cure for hiccups all in the same place… :sunglasses:


Haha, oops. Hope I havent stepped in it here.

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haha exactly

Well I think other people here had some kind of issues there, just a reminder, we don’t have “raids” and threads like that, have a moan if you want and maybe save someone else on here some wasted time by describing the forum by all means, but no “let’s all go and turn them into toads” or anything, it’s kind of undignified, know what I mean? :wink:

BALG forum is best forum, don’t cause it to get flooded by a load of refugees from places like that, wondering why they have to hop everywhere.


You know, I’ve looked around at the other forums on magick and the occult.

And I didn’t see anywhere that people were actually “DOING THE WORK”. Sure, lots of theoretical discussions and a hell of a lot of “don’t do this … can’t do that”. But very few people ever talked about anything they experienced first hand.

The people who are seriously trying to find answers and evolve, they find their way here.


I was on Liveleak for years not realising the knowledge I had amassed and shared good and bad was having such a profound effect, i spoke about god, magic, masonry, Kabbalah, psychology, Israel, government, guns, racism, you name it but when I was drunk , Yam Mutzak (primordial chaos, waters inside all of us) would compel me to talk about bombs, how to get away with crime, drugs, fighting, soft spots to take someone down, that poison, even literal poison stuff I regret but not to the point i’ll beat myself up, we all have free will after all, I just didn’t realise people (some) were so stupid and easily led, it was better than the usual comments and was surprised no one else ever spoke of these things, the powers that be had dedicated full time trolls, bot’s, government sock puppets, , Zionist apologists to combat me, ruined the site, I know it had a ton of wallys but I liked it, I dont bother with it anymore unless its really important, I might go back to wake up the brainwashed sheep, I’m dismayed there still are any left but I put that down to the growing population, coming of age and third world internet expansion.

(Yam Mutzak is found in Micheal Fords Dragon of the Two Flames)


[quote=“valkarath, post:8, topic:11171”]You know, I’ve looked around at the other forums on magick and the occult.

And I didn’t see anywhere that people were actually “DOING THE WORK”. Sure, lots of theoretical discussions and a hell of a lot of “don’t do this … can’t do that”. But very few people ever talked about anything they experienced first hand.[/quote]

And I found that even when they do have some real experience, it’s usually something from years ago and they only use it to browbeat someone newer, and maybe more enthusiastic (and active).

I love that other magick forums exist, on general principle that people find their “home” community and that it’s helping to push the work, helping to provide a LOT of noise that means those of us doing more controversial work are part of the crowd and not lone freaks in isolation, and I like that even the simplest, lamest beginning can flourish for the right person under the guidance of the spirits, I mean I had NO forums, NO grimoires, NO internet, and not even any idea magick was a real thing people did outside movies when I got started, and I still forged my own system, so that there are even the smallest things out there to support people really does fill my heart with glee! :smiley:

But BALG forum is, I think, unique in its emphasis on doing the work and also, on its innovation, and lack of sharp-shooters - oldies who come out the bushes when anyone new and enthusiastic joins, just to shoot them down and put them in their place. That will NEVER happen on here as long as I have any hand in the matter, and I believe it to be totally contrary to the desires of the site owners as well.

The upside of other forums who have cultures very different is that they give those kinds of people somewhere to go and do their thing, it’s all good, this is why I’ve always been opposed to outright inter-forum rivalry - this forum now being public, and crawled by search engines, is hopefully going to bring people who belong here, to us, over time, and the other forums can carry on with their own cultures and norms to satisfy those who wouldn’t be a good fit.

(We’ve still got the best forum, though! :stuck_out_tongue: )