Sometimes its time to grow the fuck up

Talking about and to myself here, before anyone gets a hair movement in their rear.

So, on the 220% goetia/shemhamphoresh issue, Ive begun to write down at least the Goetia, as I burnt the Shem Grimoire by Farrell, and so far I cannot locate a public document on the names of the angels. I suppose I could start with the pathnames, and the angels on the qabalah paths.

Anyway, then I started wondering why i cannot do such a thing, and some of it is swallowing pride and apologizing to others, even if I wasnt wrong, or alternatively calling them on their dogshit, and getting to restored bridges/relationships/dignities.
Either that or setting assholes up with narcotics posession with a cop right nearby to bust them, to remove their dignities.
As far as a silver tongue, carnegie and toastmasters.

And since we all have access to the largest library on earth, the internet, we should all have the opportunity to have PhDs in a subject without the paper scroll confirming it.

So, growing up is an expectation, effort and not laziness or procrastination.
I guess today was the day they told me to grow the fuck up.

On the path of affliction or adveristy, this is probably a social norm.

Not sure if I’m reading that right, but I got this…?

It could also be because it’s not the right path for you right now and your higher self is redirecting you, or you’re just trying to swim against the tide so it’s going to take more effort than usual.

Just a thought. The situation sounds complicated.

A lot of the PhD material is behind paywalls, such as published papers, journal subscriptions, or textbooks that cost $70+ each. And you have to know where to look, that stuff isn’t free on youtube. Apart from that, yes, the bar is miniscule compared to college fees, and you can efficiently study what’s relevant and not waste time and money on scammy social studies courses.

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The point is is that people want power. The goets offer powers.
But … we can have a degree of that power greater than what we have now … if we thoroughly apply ourselves to do so. Or, its more or less a degree of laziness.

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Honestly however, few of us will ever be disease researchers and experts such as Marbas. Even with several PhDs.

Do they though? Or do they really just want to be happy?

What is power? Isn’t it a tool to allow you to remove blacks to happiness? And what’s the point of having if it doesn’t make you happy? All the PhDs don’t mean a thing if you can’t use them.


Speaking for only myself

I don’t really want power, or at least to be known as having power

To paraphrase some fiction I read somewhere

“‘… Rule the World, fuck that… too much paperwork “

Also to badly quote Amy Allen of Dead Files
“The Dead can tell you are open… they will find you”

*on a Death Current trip stop judging me :slight_smile:

I just want the Power to protect myself and mine. To be successful enough to build happiness rather the be stuck a rat in the maze



Seems like maybe this needs merging, with the 220% effort post, @Lady_Eva , is that possible?

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