Somethings watching

im in my a dark room ever get the feeling someone is watching you i have this feeling rn and chills in my own room is there anyway to help this because i cant sleep


i clearly see shadows around me or someone is beside me

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Is what you have going on anything like this?

And have you tried banishing, talking to it, doing a reading for it… anything like that?


Wrong post. I have been having weird stuff going on lately too as the link from @Mulberry shows.


@Angelb1083 has a similar thread (but different) going on . I listed some of my experiences there. My area feels polluted, even after banishing and I’m seriously wondering how much of it is environment and how much is me.

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It could be something “out the norm” but often times that’s a common sensation when in a dark place, it’s basic instinct to be on alert and that alertness can mess with you.


I was just thinking this. I see spirits and orbs best I the dark so OP could just be more sensitive then they thought.


yess and yes but they never answer back

I always feel watched, always have.

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yeah its creepy

It depends. Since I was a small child I felt like several energies are watching me, it was not negative nor positive.
I just got used to it.

same here

But why can’t you sleep then?