Something's going to happen

The world’s going to end on September 15! For real this time! SpongeBob SquarePants told me in a dream I vaguely had!

Just kidding. :grin:

This journal is basically about my current pact I’ve made with myself to finally get this whole evocation to visible manifestation thing to work.

I’m reading Evoking Eternity and I will make this thing work. That’s what I mean with “Something’s going to happen.”
TL;DR I just clickbaited you. :grin:

The Invocation of Omnipotence

  1. Sit in a chair facing north
  2. Begin breathing exercises until facsination sets in.
  3. Open your awareness to environment and use breath to connect to it.
  4. Visualise particles and let the breath automate.
  5. Open eyes and See the particles take on light.
  6. See them glow brighter.
  7. Connect with the particles in an intuitive way.
  8. Breath in the light and imagine it filling your torso.
  9. Breathe out negativity as brown vapor.
  10. Keep breathing light until full then turn inwards and feel it inside.
  11. Release light from chest as a fountain of love.
  12. Appreciate the light and power.
  13. Tilt your neck back and let it out.

Here’s to Godlike power and the chance to change my life.

Alash Tad Alash Tal Ashtu


I’m probably going to start off a bit softer than a demon. I’m probably going to shoot for an angel.

Also I seemed to have sound a knife sharpener online that’s within my price range and what I’ll do is paint the handle with black nail polish.

I found a better knife as well as a cheap knife sharpener that I’ll be buying.