Something wrong, Bune giving a hard time

Greeting wise one

Early this month i teach my girlfriend to evoke Bune for her salary, I teach her how to evoke demon through Demon of Magick by Gordon winterfield.

And uh this 4 days turn her into hard days, instead giving her what she need, Bune just rip her apart. Her customer canceled their priduct, not just one but three people.

Her salary depend on her selling, and now she doesnt have anything to pay the bill.

What went wrong?
any though

Bune might be giving her towards other opportunities to increase her income. Maybe what she is working on right now its not enough and Bune is forcing her to upgrade


I am not an expert on Bune or ATM as some prefer that name LOL, however I find that the practitioners experience level, intention and desired result to be very impactful on a ritual.

How do you know this is Bune? When I read your website and posts on the forum, you seem very new with no real practical applications prior to september 2019. You do mention that you’ve practiced since January and been learning since 2017.

Without being insulting, which is not my intention :slight_smile: What actually have you learned and put into practice successfully. Are you taking your studies seriously.

To me there are thousands of reasons why this did not work for you or your friends, it’s too hard to pinpoint one without more details.


It depends on her state of mind when she summoned him. Was she fearful (even if in the tiniest way)? Was she expecting the desired result, or was she not really expecting to get what she wanted? How aligned was she with her expectations and her desire? If she desires one thing and expects another, that split energy will cause problems to some degree.

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@C.S That’s what i though, i suggest her to apply any other job. And look for other opportunity. But she insisted to hang on to it until new years.

@Aprentiz Good point. The practicioner it self is the main tool for their magick, when i start practicing i face many failure, i count it, 27 times. In my mind theres only 2 result, back then succsed or fail, i didnt expect this backlash would happen. Well, i do… but not with Bune

How do i know it’s Bune? I work with her before and got some result, that’s why i confident enought to suggest her.

Yes, i lack of experience… everyone who try at first had the same issue right? or not!

What i put into my practice is, desire, intent, some chant, personal energy and some corespondence thing like incense and candle.

Update, about two hours ago she’s texting me that she meet a lady in a hospital. Long black hair, tanning skin, with fringe. That she’s believe it was her senior at work (very look a like) told her some word that she’s forgot.

I dont want to jump in conclusion, but that same lady come to me when i work with Bune before.

Edited : She meet that lady in her dream

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@silverfirefly I did told her the same thing. How she perform it, how her mental state when evoke the duchess, I didn’t know exactly.

Yes, but she needs to fully align with her desire and expectation before the ritual - during the days and weeks preceding it. The ritual is done when she has the best feeling she could have about the desired and expected result. And she needs to keep it up afterwards until the desired result manifests. That’s the ideal way to do it.

But, there could be other factors involved.

That describes Duchess Bune almost exactly. She must have made contact with her.

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@cyberseeker er I hope so, when i work with her, after meet her in a dream a wake up with good news for my Business and my job.

I hope its gonna going well with my girlfriend

Maybe something was wrong with her intention , it’s not about what you say out loud but what you really feel inside. I had in my mind that I want to ‘‘call’’ Bune for money but I didn’t do it because I wanted to maybe change job ( I’m tired with what I do now)…since I had that thought things started changing…I think is Bune doing that…I started losing clients and something new came up that I would like to do as soon as possible! So I believe that Bune new my intetions and already helps me finding the right way!