Something woke me up

This night first something woke me up and i saw red lines in the dark, then i was fell asleep
After that at 3:29 again something woke me up i heard like finger snap and then i woke up
And night before at the same time i heard finger snapping and i woke up
What do you think?


Divination. Or banishing if you felt it was hostile. My advice meditate and focus on the sound released record any thought impressions imagery etc.

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Someone is trying to get your attention to communicate with you? When you are awakened do you try to meditate and see who it is and what he wants? I feel like it is a male energy. It may be someone oob and messing with you. I am not getting demonic energies from it… But right at the moment I have my own new friend that I am trying to learn to deal with and his energy is very different and strong so it may be throwing me off. I would set up a circle. I do anyway which is always up… So, set up a circle with the intentions that nothing that means you any harm may enter. Only friendlies may pass. Then sleep. If this happens again and it is coming from inside the circle try to open your sight and hearing to communicate with him. The hours you speak of are when they are strongest. Well some anyway… Don’t get scared or intimidated. “You woke me up a few times now. I am sorry I didn’t listen the first times but I am now. Who are you and what do you want?” hehehe! If you get a hostile reaction that may be a test or something. You have to go with your gut on that one. I don’t know how experienced at this you are but, you have to learn.(If you’re going So if you decide it is not just a test then kick his ass out your circle! . This is what I would do. May not be right for you but it is the best advise I can give at the moment.

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