Something weird is happening

So! I decided to summon Duke Sallos and also work with Duke Dantalion I summoned Sallos the other night and then summoned Duke Dantalion last night… and now I didn’t feel any intense energy or anything with Sallos BUT! with Duke Dantalion it was straight away I could feel the energy just shift I spoke to him and told him my wishes and then used my pendulum to see if he could help, he said yes that he’s willing to help with my situation I also told him what I would give in exchange of success we both agreed it was a great idea and he loved it, so after finishing up the ritual DESPITE getting 7 hours of sleep plus a 3 hour nap so a total of 9 hours I was immediately drained after I told him he could go, I also have sharp pains in my head but no real headache I felt so peaceful afterwards and before if I had seen my targets Instagram posts or Snapchat stories I would start to panic but after the ritual I just don’t care! I don’t panic, nothing happens it’s CRAZY! Also! My targets mother messaged me this morning wanting to meet up for coffee!! Please let me know if I’m going insane or this is signs:joy: I also keep waking up at 11:34 am for no reason whatsoever! I shall keep you all updated!
Blessed be
(Edit to add)
Hail Duke Sallos and Hail Duke Dantalion!


Holy crap guys a couple minutes of posting this my Target messaged me and the message is INCREDIBLY flirty :heart_eyes: HAIL Duke Sallos and HAIL Duke Dantalion