Something to make someone gtfo?

If you found yourself in a hypothetical situation where you could not shake a certain individual no matter how much you express your distaste for them or have gone on to live a separate life, what would you do ritualistically/ spiritually (since we are on BALG, after all) to make them want to abandon you/leave you alone permanently?

Hi! Many of the demons of the Goetia have the power to make someone lose interest in you. Similarly, you could ask a demon to cloak you from their attentions. Demons are also fantastic at confusing people’s mind if need be.

Servitors are fantastic; if I were in that hypothetical situation, I’d create a servitor to make me invisible to that person, and as and added layer, command the servitor to fill the person’s mind with disturbing images every time they try to think of me or speak/slander my name.

That’s just off the top of my head, but there are so many spells and rituals that don’t employ any demons or servitors. You could perform binding spells, so they cannot harm you in any way.

Hope that helps.

Cut and clear ritual…

BJORK is a great rune to build for hiding in plane sight.

ALGIZ can protect you from harm so you could also introduce that as well into the rune.