Something to make me not desire love/lust? (pacts, love, relationship)

I’ve read online about doing a pact with lucifer, the pact includes me not having and desires which leads to heartbreaks, Until the “right soul mate” comes along.

I am pretty jaded with all my past relationships and i understand the nature of love is always so confusing and often leads to loss of interest or disappointment. Yet I am still human, i feel lonely and the longing for a partner. I currently have causal sex with few people yet I cant help but feel empty. This feeling is leading me to become less productive as I have my own business to run.

Anyone have any advices on how I should go about this? any spells or spirits i could work with? the love pact with lucifer sounds tempting but I am only 22 years old what if i never meet someone till im old and frail. haha :frowning:

Ive also experinced sex with unknown entities which i couldnt identify, It was just feeling of euphoria.

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Why not do magick to attract the right partner right now ? instead of killing your sexuality

Just a suggestion

I’m not familiar with love spells, last time I’ve done one it back fired. If you have any methods i would be so grateful <3

Try Neville Goddard sleep method , go to bed feeling and visualizing whatever conditions you want with a partner

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Might I suggest an additional approach?

If you have a Patron/Matron, might you ask for companionship (in whatever ways you’re looking for) from a spiritual being? This would be in the understanding that not only would they help provide the additional support you’re looking for? Maybe they would be able to help vet potentials for you or guide you towards a path that would assist in finding a suitable companion (even if they aren’t the final one)?

Finally, sometimes love takes time. After Iraq, I decided to go to the VA to get my head/heart back in order. One of the successful psych people I interacted with didn’t get married until his 50’s, about the same time I got married to my wife. That’s a long time to wait and, having known him for years, I am reasonably sure he didn’t play the field and that likely wasn’t much of an option.

Hope some of this helps.

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I work with Ishtar Yesterday and today Lilith. May they give me guidance :pray:t4::heart:🤍


Hopefully they’ll help. I work with Lucifer and he’s been helping me with a lot, I’ve never asked him for help with my love life though, I’m still a mess in that area lmao. I think I do want relationships a lot less than I used to

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