Something that I understood/ got from my intuition

These days I am developing my astral senses and my spirituality and I understood that in order to cast strong magic that manifests quickly you need to be strong energetically while you are doing your magic spells. a magician that is weak energetically can’t manifest strong spells. has anyone here come to the same conclusion?


That is why the best black magicians spend lots of hours in the gym and doing sports. Besides that Yoga and similar are almost mandatory in lots of orders. That’s how you recognise the best

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Correct, strong spiritually comes from nourishing your energy - your qi converts to spirit to make it stronger. This is exact the purpose behind qigong and tantric exercises.

A strong body does support a healthy meatsuit that is able to interface correctly, with fewer issues from chemical and hormonal imbalances and balanced brain chemistry. You don’t need to follow any particular regime, whatever works for you to maintain health. In qigong it’s though that overtraining will have the opposite effect, you don’t want to spend “hours” training physically, but on your energy working, yes. Getting enough good-quality sleep comes out as the top factor is maintaining health as well, even over diet.

After that, it’s good to know that your spirit is probably already reasonably strong, or your wouldn’t have been at the level where you could have been human in the first place.
The link is the communication to your subconscious, and that takes practice… This intuition of yours is an example of it working. So that’s cool :slight_smile:


Great post

Which is why visualization is important as well as voice.Vibrating the Middle Pillar with strong visualization can empower you/recharge you.


Actually, banish earth and invoke air or spirit or fire for example.

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it took me years just to know that… good work @Samael11 :sunglasses: